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Title: New IPv6 board added
Post by: mark on April 02, 2012, 12:08:19 AM
Hi All

I decided to add a new board due to the fact that additional IPv6 support has been added to the project and will be included in new releases shortly.

It is well known that the last IPv4 addresses have been exhausted at IANA. That is, the final blocks have been allocated to the regional administators and these are being allocated in the individual regions until they finally run out.

The importance of IPv6 is increasing and will probably become an even bigger theme once applications for new global IPv4 addresses actually start getting turned down.

In preparation for this there has been a recent push concerning the IPv6 suppport in the uTasker project. There was some test support for ICMPv6 in a local network which layed the foundations but this has now been extended to TCP services operating over IPv6 or tunnelled in 6in4 IPv4 protocol, which is expected to be a predominant method during a long transition phase until providers have updated their networks to support raw IPv6 operation right to the average user.

This dual-stack approach allows servers such as web servers, Telnet, FTP etc. to be able to operate over IPv4 and IPv6. The higher software layers (andn applications) are almost fully compatible and don't usually need to know which transport type is being used, so adding IPv6 capability to projects is only a matter of activating the support and configuring some IPv6 addresses.

The IPv6 User's Guide has been released, detailing all up-to-date information, here: http://www.utasker.com/docs/uTasker/uTaskerIPV6.PDF

I'll also be updating the on-line demo at http://demo.utasker.com shortly to include this operation with links to it via IPv6 global addresses. By following the user's guide it should be possible for anyone to then contact this device (and others devices which may be configured behind the same IPv4 gateway) to get an idea of the capabilities.

I look forward to specific discussions about IPv6 operation in the project and further developments to enable advantage to be taken of IPv6 capabilities in real projects.



Title: Re: New IPv6 board added
Post by: ctkian on May 07, 2013, 12:08:34 PM

1. Is this mean IPv6 for uTasker is actually ready?
2. Is it implementing IPv6/ICMPv6/DHCPv6?
3. Does it exist in dual-stack mode, supporting IPv4 and IPv6 concurrently?

From this video(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMPXhtoUeJo), it shows that IPv6 is ready for uTasker. And it mentioned the overall code size is 70k and RAM size is 50k. Please advice is there anyway IPv6 can be fit into MCF522XX, since it only have 32KB Ram size.

Title: Re: New IPv6 board added
Post by: mark on May 08, 2013, 05:46:16 PM

Most packages should include IPv4/IPv6 dual-stack - this doesn't however support DHCPv6.

The video shows a complete project (with various other features) and the FLASH/RAM sizes quoted are not particularly due to the fact that IPv6 is being used.

Adding IPv6 support to the Coldfire will require about 2k of Flash space and about 100 bytes additional RAM (depending on which protocols are actually used together with IPv6) and so IPv6 can usually run on the Coldfire without any problem.

The IPv6 User's Guide should give all details: http://www.utasker.com/docs/uTasker/uTaskerIPV6.PDF


Title: Re: New IPv6 board added
Post by: ctkian on May 10, 2013, 05:16:49 AM
Hi Mark,

Is there any plan to enable DHCPv6 in uTasker in near future? Is it possible to request DHCPv6 to be added in into uTasker?
Title: Re: New IPv6 board added
Post by: mark on May 16, 2013, 12:07:37 PM

DHCPv6 is the next point on the IPv6 development list.

However there are a few other developments in progress that need to be completed beforehand so I can't give a date just yet.