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Title: How to configure to meet for TRK-KEA8?
Post by: Navahoo on July 09, 2019, 12:10:53 PM
I just got uTasker stuffs and after following the uTasker help list http://www.utasker.com/kinetis.html,  I complete the first building in Visual Studio ( I think the default HW type is FRDM_KL82Z..), and also saw the blink LED :)

then I tried next board TRK-KEA8,  and update Link file to KEA_8_1.ld  ( BTW, there don't have KEA_8_1_BM.ld? ) , build failed because output binary is too big than TRK-KEA8 flash size (8K)? 

so my question, how to configure to meet 8K flash size...

BTW: when I build for TRK-KEA8, Hardware\Kinetis\kinetisSim.c have undefined error for  PC_4_KBI1_P0 and PC_5_KBI1_P1, I just workaround to quick define fake one ( as I do not know the meaning now).

Title: Re: How to configure to meet for TRK-KEA8?
Post by: mark on July 10, 2019, 12:56:23 AM

There is no KEA_8_1_BM linker script because with 8kB Flash the KEA8 is not likely to be used with a boot loader since the boot loader would already take up too much of the available Flash space.

8k is a small size and so only small programs are possible. It is necessary to disable some features for programs to be able to fit.

Thanks for pointing out the missing KBI1 pin defines in teh open source version. I just check in a correction, whereby these are the defines that were missing in Kinets.h:

        #if defined KINETIS_KEA8
            #define PB_4_KBI1_P6         PORT_MUX_ALT1
            #define PB_5_KBI1_P7         PORT_MUX_ALT1
            #define PC_0_KBI1_P2         PORT_MUX_ALT1
            #define PC_1_KBI1_P3         PORT_MUX_ALT1
            #define PC_2_KBI1_P4         PORT_MUX_ALT1
            #define PC_3_KBI1_P5         PORT_MUX_ALT1
            #define PC_4_KBI1_P0         PORT_MUX_ALT1
            #define PC_5_KBI1_P1         PORT_MUX_ALT1


Title: Re: How to configure to meet for TRK-KEA8?
Post by: Navahoo on July 10, 2019, 04:53:39 AM
Thanks the help, here is my following question
1. if no KEA_8_1_BM,  assume we can only use KEA_8_1 for uTaskerV1.4_BM.elf build also.

2. for feature disable,  I started to look config.h,  I just enable BLINKY and HELLO_WORLD, now build for KEA8 succeed. :)  but   the ustaker for KEA8 (refer the attached (http://KEA8.jpg)) is different with http://www.utasker.com/kinetis/TRK-KEA8.html.  the difference is ustasker in my PC have 6 ADC lines, but picture in web don't have 6 ADC lines? And we can see the hint in the uTasker simulater status bar is "FLASH= 64K", assume it should be 8K.

3. I did not find how to use serial port?  assume we need a tool or telnet/secure CRT to connect to serial port of uTasker Simulator(which is running in Windows )

4. when  for TRK-KEA1288, Hardware\Kinetis\kinetisSim.c , PI_0_UART2_RX/PI_1_UART2_TX undefined error happen

Title: Re: How to configure to meet for TRK-KEA8?
Post by: mark on July 14, 2019, 09:28:36 PM

1. Without boot loader the correct linker script is indeed KEA_8_1.ld

2.  Thanks for pointing out this error. It was introduced with changes in this line 1440 in WinSimMain.cpp

#if defined _KINETIS || defined _iMX && (!defined KINETIS_KE || defined KINETIS_KE15)

should be

#if (defined _KINETIS || defined _iMX) && (!defined KINETIS_KE || defined KINETIS_KE15)

3. Serial ports can be connected by using a loop back such as "COM0COM" as described in  http://www.utasker.com/forum/index.php?topic=54.msg4258#msg4258 (also do a general search for "com0com" on the forum for various mentions.

4. I have updated the open source version slightly to upgrade KEA128 support. The pin defines were not complete - if you pull the version you should then be able to build for the TEA128 with UART.