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Title: M522XX device overview
Post by: mark on April 27, 2008, 10:39:41 PM
Hi All

The uTasker project is being expanded to run on more of the single-chip V2 devices.
This covers the M521X, M521XX (Basic MCU), M5221X (USB-OTG), M5222X (USB-OTG), M5223X (Ethernet) and Kirin 3 M5225X.

In an attempt to get a side-by-side comparison of these devices I have created the following. It may serve as a guide for choosing the appropriate part for a specific project.
I can't guaranty all details since there are some contradictions in the official documentation but it is based on most recent knowledge and experience. Standard peripherals which are present on all devices are not mentioned in more details (eg. all have 2 x Periodic Interrupt timers, 4 DMA timers, 12-bit ADC etc.)



The uTasker project specifically supports the following devices:        [rough budgetary 1000 price - a little package dependent]

_M521X family (basic MCU with CAN)

_M521XX family (basic MCU)

_M5221X family (USB-OTG)

_M5222X family (USB-OTG)

_M5223X family (Ethernet)

_M5225X family FEC + USB-OTG

M5221X, M5222X and M5225X devices all have USB OTG

Ethernet EMAC/PHY
M5223X has internal EMAC and PHY. M5225X has internal EMAC but requires and external PHY.

Relaxation oscillator
The M5223X doesn’t have an 8MHz relaxation oscillator.
The M521XX and M5221X have in addition the possibility to use the RTC oscillator as system clock input

M52100 and M5221X have 2 UARTs (exception M52211 has 3 UARTs)
M521X, M52110, M5222X, M5223X and M5225X have 3 UARTs

M5225X devices have 2 I2C interfaces.
M521XX and M5221X have 2 I2C interfaces. Using I2C1 however stops use of QSPI.
M521X, M5222X and M5223X have 1 I2C interface

M521XX, M5221X and M5225X have battery backup for RTC and SRAM. Using the RTC crystal however stops use of UART0 on the M521XX and M5221X, whereas the RTC oscillator has dedicated pins on the M5225X
M521X doesn't have a RTC.

RAM standby
M521XX, M5221X, M5222X and M5225X have battery backup RAM capability. In devices with more than 16k SRAM only the first 16K is backed up.

M5211 (in 64 QFN package), M5213, M52231, M52234, M52235, M52255 and M52259 have a FlexCAN module (plus the 66MHz version of all other M5225X family)

Mini-Flex Bus
M52255, M52258 and M52259 have an 8-bit Flex-Bus with 2 chips select lines and up to 1GByte (20bit) address range. In multiplexed mode it can operate in 8-bit or 16-bit data bus mode.

The M52235, M52255 and M52259 have a Random Number Generator and Crypto Acceleration Unit

Edge Port (IRQs)
The M521X, M521XX, M5221X and M5222X have 7 IRQs (IRQ1..IRQ7) with exception of the 64 pin packages which have only 3 (IRQ1, IRQ4 and IRQ7)
The M5225X have 4 IRQs (IRQ1,3,5 and 7)
The M5223X has 15 IRQs (IRQ1..IRQ15) with the exception of 80 pin packages which have only 4 (IRQ1, IRQ4, IRQ7 and IRQ11)

Backup Watchdog Timer (BWT)
The M521XX, M5221X and M5225X devices contain a Backup Watchdog Timer, which enables improved performance compared to the Core Watchdog, which is integrated in the System Control Module of all devices.