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FreescaleTM MC9S12NE64 / Can I use uTasker?
« on: November 16, 2009, 03:27:38 PM »

I'm a beginner at electronics, no previous PIC experience other than building kits, and loading precompiled hex files. I can manufacture my own boards and have designed some analogue circuits. Anyway I was looking for a TCP/IP accessible computer PDU to remotely reboot connected servers etc. Prebuilt PDU's are way to expensive so I purchased to switch the outlets.

I was researching into changing the web GUI so it was branded, not necessary but I like to tinker and eventually landed here. The picture looks like it has a MC9S12NE64 chip but I'm concerned about flashing it as the documentation I have read kind of refers to the Demo board which seems much more comprehensive then what I have (or will have when it arrives) I have 8 outputs and inputs that will not be used at present so I intend to use them for a steep learning curve, maybe some kind of environmental monitoring.

It seems like if I was to flash it and it was no longer functioning I can factory reset, will this be true after I flash with my own cooked up firmware? or is it just to reset default settings?

Will I have enough EEPROM for uTasker, I think the Demo board has much more available resources.

I often jump into the deep end so I'm not phased by the complexity unless one inevitable mistake will render this board a veg.

I noticed a firmware upload on the current web menu, would this suggest uTasker is already in use?

Is it time to simulate/learn or is it a dead end already?

Thanks in advance!

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