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In the guide (page 21):

It states that FlexRAM can be preconfigured for the application:

In comparison, this one has the desired FlexRAM configuration:
02f8 // first two bytes specify the length
030805ffffff // specify DTC/ITC and OCR bank sizes to be
pre-configured for the application (when not ff)
followed by further ff padding bytes
3 banks to be assigned to DTC, 8 to ITC and 5 to OCR

Does the number of banks include the mandatory 512k OCR banks on the 1062?

For example, in my app I have DTC = 512k, ITC = 0k, OCR = 512k
Would the header.txt be?:
Code: [Select]
02f8                   // first two bytes specify the length
0f000fffffff           // specify DTC/ITC and OCR

Also, in the example the byte count is shorter by than the blank 0xff padding, is this intentional?

I have a USB isolator (ADuM3160) on my design which limits he USB speed to 12 Mbps (FS) for the USB device port. 
The USB host port does not have this limitation.

Is there a way to define the USB ports of the iMX to be fullspeed on just the device port (or any port)?

I tried to change a few defines in iMX.h around line 1172, but it seems to configure both ports simultaneously, and I could not get USB_FS_INTERFACE to build at all.

Code: [Select]
// HSUART configuration
#if defined iMX_RT105X || defined iMX_RT106X
    #define HSUSB_CONTROLLERS   2
    #define HSUSB_CONTROLLERS   1
#define iMX_HSUSB_1             0
#define iMX_HSUSB_2             1

OK,  moving on to building my existing NXP SDK application...

I made the appropriate changes to my application and generated a loadable .bin

Trying to actually load the file with the SerialLoader (via SD Card)  throws an error "File oversized!"

The application is 2.3MB, which should leave plenty of room in flash (4MB - bootLoader area).

I did some searching for the error in the SerialLoader and I see in iMX.h that there is a define:
Code: [Select]
#define APPLICATION_FLASH_AREA_SIZE       (512 * 1024)                   // third area in QSPI flash reserved for firmware upload area
Does this need to be increased to use more of flash for my application?

µTasker general / MacOS version of uTasker utilities?
« on: May 08, 2021, 02:54:15 PM »
Is there a Mac version of uTaskerCombine compiled somewhere?

I did find the Mac version of uTaskerConvert here:, it does look a bit out of date.



I have started to work with uTasker SerialLoader on an Embedded Artists iMX1062 EVK.  I can successfully write the Serial Loader with MCUBootUtility, but when I place "software.bin" on the SD card and the Loader picks it up, it just stops on "File valid".

If I used the USB-MSD method, by placing the software.bin from the PC on UPLOAD_DISK, then it works correctly.

Any ideas why it wouldn't use the software.bin directly from the SD card?

Here is a video of my entire process:

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