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I'm new here and currently reading the tutorials ect about how to use utasker. I've submitted my request for a hobby copy of utasker and should have that shortly. My first goal with utasker is to evaluate the MOD-SMB380 I just got from Olimex. I got this accelerometer because I found the on-board accelerometer had some noise issues.

So my first goal is to simply interface with the I2C and get accelerometer data out of this MOD board. I believe the digital interface of this chip will remove what I believe was analog noise issues with the original accelerometer. I'm curious if anyone one might have a recommended approach for this. I'm not sure if it's easier to get this data to show on a web page generated by utasker, or perhaps I can simply get it to display on the LCD. I'm still reading the docs and tutorials, so I'm very blind about what approach might be easiest.

I'm connecting it to an LPC2378-STK, and I can program / debug with ARM-USB-OCD both jtag and flash magic. I'm using the pre-configured windows based Eclipse and arm-elf-gcc that came with the 2378 board.

Thanks in advance.

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