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Hello I am new to utasker and have just set it up. I have project in which I want to do the following:

I want to access a serial port controlled device over the internet via VPN(since Utasker doesn´t currently support Dynamic DNS, I have to use a VPN router. but my intention is to write some code that will make utasker DynDNS compatible!!  8) , I will let you know...)

Since I am new at this, (i have already programed other S12X processors but none with an Ethernet port, and I am also a Web develper (PHP, MySQL) ) I am not quite sure where or how to begin. I haved looked at some documentation but haven´t found what I am looking for, so that´s why I am writing this.

I want to do the following with my project:

I have 8 serially controlled devices, I only will use 1 com port and a MUX to access the devices one at a time, so I want to have a we interface that will allow me to select which device I want to control, then after I selected the device I want to start configuring it via telnet, between the Internet and the previously selected device.

I also want to have a webpage that will show me the status of the devices via some realy boards connected to the GPIOs and the devices.

So my questions are:

-How do I access the serial port using telnet or something similar?
-How do I read the port status and show them on a webpage?
-How do I change the status of the ports using a webpage? (I have tried the demo webpages but they don´t act as I expect, maybe I am not doing something right.. ::)

BTW, I think Utasker is great and as soon as I get a clear understanding of I definetly will write some more code for it and send it to you so you can take a look at it...


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