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This isn't really a problem. It's just cosmetic. I have a page with a couple of submit buttons. All the submits operate correctly and refreshthe page. The refreshed page shows that the changes made by the submit button have been effective.

However after the refresh caused by the submit button, the submit info still exists in the browsers url edit box. Is there a way to make the submit buttons refresh the page without the submit info there.

If i can do that it would mean the user could just press the browsers refresh button whenever to refresh data showing on the page. If the submit suffix was still attached to the url it runs that submit again.

By the way ive been running that snippet of modification that changed padding inside of html edit boxes that have had an InsertString applied to them. I haven't seen any problems with it yet.

Thanks again

ok. on the ne64 i don't think i have a lot of lattitude with the buffer space. The best i could do was 482 bytes. Ive cut down the format of the table i was showing using a series of fnDebugMsg and it just fits.

in Telnet ive got a problem with large multiline help menus getting cut off. Also if i try to show a table after a command of 24 lines by around 35 chars per line, it gets cut off towards the end of line 11.

If i reduce the number of chars per line it will display more lines before it gets cut off.

after it gets cut off i can still enter the command again but then it gets cut off at the same point.

Has this go to do with a timer or something that i can change?


Regarding debugging in Codewarrior.
I agree that the debugger not stopping on certain breakpoints is very frustrating.
I guess this happens because the optimised assembly doesn't resemble the c code so much any more.
For instance if you were setting bits of a register one at a time thinking oud like to see the effects in hardware, the optimisation tends to turn what might have been eight lines of assembly into one line.

PORTB |= 0x01;
PORTB |= 0x02;
PORTB |= 0x04;
PORTB |= 0x08;

would effectively get turned into


completely destroying the effect you were after.

while i'm debugging i'll surround the breakpoint or the code i want to step through with


PORTB |= 0x01;
PORTB |= 0x02;
PORTB |= 0x04;
PORTB |= 0x08;

then the compiler can't lump all the bit sets together and i can step through them.

I wish codewarrior had more compiling options for debugging some bits of code like this

John Dowdell

Ive been playing with the pre login version of SMTP using the web interface and my own routine. I also tried my own routine with the updated login version of SMTP. In both cases i've been unsuccesful in sending emails to accounts such as hotmail and yahoo and my own personal one. In all cases however the callback makes it to SMTP_SUCCESS.

I have been able to send it to a local account but in that case the email is being sorted by a local server PC in my office building so it never leaves the local network. Is it possible that some outside servers filter for unknown mail clients or something like that?

Also i just want to make sure what things have to be exactly right to have the callback get to SMTP_SUCCESS. If the login name was wrong? If the login Password was wrong? If the SMTP server IP was wrong?

The senders name/address is made up as is the domain

John Dowdell

Ive been using your modification.
I havn't encountered any problems with it yet.


John Dowdell

µTasker general / ICMP use: quick how to or some hints?
« on: August 29, 2007, 03:57:49 PM »
Can i get an idea of how to start a fnSendPing and how to check for echos please?

John Dowdell

FreescaleTM MC9S12NE64 / Re: Current readings when MAC/PHY running?
« on: August 23, 2007, 05:01:30 AM »
Thanks, excellent feedback. I guess that explains why the 80 pin version has the heatsink pad on the bottom.

John Dowdell

FreescaleTM MC9S12NE64 / Current readings when MAC/PHY running?
« on: August 21, 2007, 02:29:25 AM »
If anyone else is using this chip i'd be keen to find out what other peoples average current consumption is while running ethernet operations.

i get about 200mA. This seems a little high.
Anyone else?

John Dowdell

answering questions while on holiday... i hope youre not getting into trouble for doing that :)

So yeah ok, i kind of get what you mean. And of course i went to see what would happen if i took it out all together :) which screwed up the web page :)

For the moment i have edited the routine slightly so that the padding ends up after my text rather than before it and that'll work better for what i'm doing. I hav't seen any adverse effects from doing that so far.

thanks again
John Dowdell

µTasker general / Re: External EEPROM alternative to M95xxx
« on: July 26, 2007, 09:58:03 AM »
Sorry this might be slightly tangential...

I also intend to use spi flash for some data storage and logging with NE64. Although my implementation is not required for use as flash files system for ftp or http etc. I'm not too worried about implementation, i 'm just having trouble finding the part i want. I'm trying to get some samples of m25pe16 but i cant seem to find small quantities at online stores etc. ST doesnt do online ordering of samples of this type yet. I cant get any samples out of local distributers either. I see the m25pe80 is available but i really need 16Mbit or greater and dont want to use two m25pe80's to get it.

If anyone knows an online component store i can purchase small (<30) quantities of m25pe16 please let me know.

John Dowdell


I,m not a guru on http....

i notice that if the string length being inserted into a web page edit box is less than 4 characters, then the text is padded out to be 4 characters.

Is it necessary for some process for this to be the case?
Is it inadvisable to disable it?

John Dowdell

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