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µTasker general / uTaskerBoot for CrossStudio
« on: April 04, 2008, 01:39:24 PM »
Hi Mark,

I was wondering if you intend to make a version of your bootloader for CrossStudio. I'm not familiar with .s79 files and so it would be quite difficult for me to make it by myself :] If you don't have such plans or enough time, please, can you guide me on how to move this project in CrossStudio? Thanks!

Hi Mark
I saw that in Build_SAM7X.bat is written the following:

SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\Programme\CodeSourcery\Sourcery G++\bin
cs-make -f make_uTaskerV1.3_GNU_SAM7X all

but I haven't installed CodeSourcery(I didn't know and I saw that it's not free), I installed everything about Yagarto and I thought that it includes these utilities, I have in my PATH:
C:\Program Files\openocd-2007re204\bin;
C:\Program Files\openocd-2007re204\utils\bin;
C:\Program Files\yagarto\bin;
C:\Program Files\yagarto-tools-20070303\bin;

so I don't know why the .bat can't find the necessary rule for "make" command. When I run it, I have:

D:\...\uTasker v 1.3.0\Applications\uTaskerV1.3\GNU_SAM7X>cs-make -f make_uTaskerV1.3_GNU_SAM7X all
'cs-make' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I've already tried to uninstall and then install again everything , so I don't think there is something wrong with the installation. From where can I find the necessary tools for the compilation? Thanks!

Hello everyone,
Today I tried to build the uTasker project with Eclipse but with no success. I followed the steps described described in
"Using Open Source Tools for AT91SAM7S Cross Development revision C.pdf" downloaded from Atmel website. So What I did is:
-Install OpenOCD;
-Install YAGARTO Tool Chain;
-Install Eclipse IDE;
-Install YAGARTO Tools;
-Install the Olimex ARM-USB-OCD USB Drivers; (I have other debuggers too but wanted to try this);
-Set Up OpenOCD as an Eclipse External Tool (ARM-USB-OCD);
and after that I followed the steps described from Mark. So after I finish with "add make target" for "all" and "clean" I recieve an error saying the following:

Severity and Description                           Resource         Path         Location        Creation Time        Id
make: *** [uTasker/Driver.o] Error 127      uTaskerV1.3                     line 0           1197477366656      121

And don't know what to do know :] Please help, thanks!

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