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Do you have a list of the Graphics chips uTasker currently supports


Hi Mark,

I'm currently looking at two OLED displays for a new project one uses a SSD1322 controller and the other uses a SSD1326 controller. I would probably interface either via SPI.

I am trying to build a definitive list of what is currently supported. Looking at the uTaskerLCD manual it covers

1. Text based displays using the HD44780 type chip

2. T6963C - Toshiba

2. KS0108B - Samsung

3. SSD1329 - used on Luminary OLED displays

4. NXP LPC2478 built in TFT controller

5. ??? - used on Atmel AVR32 EVK1105 board

6. ??? - Used on Nokia 6100 displays is this an Epson S1D15G00 or NXP PCF8833 (Leadis LDS176 is compatible with PCF8833) info about the Nokia6100 display was found here http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorial/Nokia%206100%20LCD%20Display%20Driver.pdf

Have I covered all the options above? I've created this list because I thought it would be helpful to see which chips were supported, as these are used on may different types of display. The underlying Chip type is the common factor.

I'm hoping the SSD1322 and SSD1326 are not too different from the SSD1329 that you already support. But its early days, not even sure if we are using OLED displays yet.

The displays we are looking at are wide and not very high 256 x 32 pixels, what I would like to do is put 2 displays side by side (512 x 32). To do this I would need 2 controller chips, would the logic of the uTasker display support a display made up of two controllers? To the main application it would look like one display space.




The AVR32 board uses an ET024006DHU (TFT from Emerging technologies) which has a HIMAX HX8347-A controller.

The Nokia display on the Olimex board can be with either controller (there is a marking somewhere for recognition but no guaranty which one you actually receive). They are similar not not 100% compatible - there is a define to set depending on which one is used which adjusts the initialisation sequence.

In addition there is newer support for the Kitronix TFT http://www.utasker.com/Shop/LCD2.html with SSD2119 controller, the TFT2N0369 TFT with SSD2119 controller in SPI mode (as on the STM32 eval board) as well as the Truly TFT2N0369-E (Freescale Tower Kit) with SSD1289 controller.

The Samsung mode of operation has a define SAMSUNG_CHIPS which is the number of controllers in the LCD. Each has its own CS line and so the driver controls multiple controllers, depending on the size of the display. This probably is more or less what you need to control multiple displays - the only real difference is that the controllers are not on one display (controlling sections of the LCD) but
are on different physical displays, which is however about the same at the end of the day (apart from there probably being a line between the display areas since these are not built together).



Thanks Mark, From initial looking at the data sheets it looks like the SSD132x chips all seem to have a similar register set so should be pretty compatible from a driver point of view.

I'll also look at the Samsung code to see how multiple chips are handled. I guess multiple initialisations are required. Also does the simulator handle multiple chips/displays? I'll find out.


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