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Hi All

For users of the LPC17XX Beta package - please note that there is a pre-release version available here:

                http://www.uTasker.com/software/V1.4/uTasker_lpc17xx_V0.0.zip (update 17-3-2011 to correct uVision4 project)

The pre-release is a tentative release containing the most up-to-date project features for the LPC17XX, including boot loaders, USB CDC and Mass Storage. It is difficult to thoroughly test all sub-projects in all compiler environment so there may be some tweaking before it becomes a full release, but, based on a number of test projects, things look basically good for the up-take in more applications.

Release note to further evolutions will be added here as they become available.
In case of problems please report here too.



Notes for IAR users on modifications needed to the IAR project:
1)   Remove GLCD.c and LCD.c from the project. (These have  been moved to the uGLCDLIB)
2)   Add LCD.c to the uGLCDLIB folder (included from uTasker/uGLCDLIB
3)   Modify the linker script path from its absolute entry to $PROJ_DIR$\settings\flash_lpc1766.icf
4)   In the “General Options | Library Configuration” chose “Normal” for the library (rather than “None”). This will then include the library with the start-up code with “__iar_program_start” in it.

Hi Mark,

Only trying to compile on Keil I got the following message :
LCD.c: Error:  #5: cannot open source input file "..\LCD.c": No such file or directory

It look like some filepath are not updated. (C:\uTasker_lpc17xx_V0.0\uTasker\uGLCDLIB\LCD.c ...)
There is no file CGLCD.c but only GLCD.c in uGLCDLIB
There is no file OLED.c
There is no file  spi_flash_lpc17xx_atmel.h
There is no file  spi_flash_lpc17xx_sst25.h
There is no file  spi_flash_lpc17xx_stmicro.h



Thanks - I updated a correction
- LCD.c has been moved to uGLCDLIB folder
- OLED.c and CGLCD.c no longer exist. Any relevant content is in the uGLCDLIB includes
- The spi_flash_lpc17xx_.h files are called spi_flash_lpc_.h



Hi All

This is the list of LPC17XX packages:

17.03.2011 - Pre-release http://www.uTasker.com/software/V1.4/uTasker_lpc17xx_V0.0.zip

12.06.2011 - First release version http://www.uTasker.com/software/V1.4/uTasker_lpc17xx_V1.4-0.zip

- All projects include VS6, VS2010, GCC, Rowley Crossworks, IAR6 and uVision4 configurations
- Stack concept synchronised with the details in http://www.utasker.com/forum/index.php?topic=1479.0 [valid also for the LPC17xx - top of single stack located at the end of the main SRAM block - 32 [IAP stack space] - 4 [random number location]]
- uTaskerFileCreate V1.7 updated (see http://www.utasker.com/forum/index.php?topic=1114.msg5330#msg5330)
- uTaskerConvert.exe V1.6 - "uTaskerConvert.exe uTasker_BM.bin raw.bin -b" can be used to convert an input file in Motorola binary format to raw binary format.
- USB-MSD boot loader added - see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4TYM9jY2-g  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4oFBn_M5wo and http://www.utasker.com/docs/uTasker/uTaskerSerialLoader.PDF

When working with MANAGED_FILES from SPI Flash, the following change to fnEraseFlashSector() is required to allow deletes to operate correctly:

// Erase FLASH sectors. The pointer can be anywhere in the first sector to be erased
extern int fnEraseFlashSector(unsigned char *ptrSector, MAX_FILE_LENGTH Length)
    MAX_FILE_LENGTH OriginalLength = Length;
            fnSPI_command(ucCommand, usPageNumber, _EXTENDED_CS 0, 0);   // delete appropriate page/block
            if (Length <= BlockLength) {
           #ifdef MANAGED_FILES
                if (OriginalLength == 0) {                               // if a single block erase was called, return the page size of the storage area that was just deleted
                    return BlockLength;
                break;                                                   // delete complete
            ptrSector += BlockLength;
            Length -= BlockLength;
        #if defined FLASH_FILE_SYSTEM || defined USE_PARAMETER_AREA      // {15}
        fnFlashCommand(DELETE_FLASH, ptrSector, Length);
        #ifdef MANAGED_FILES
        if (Length == 0) {                                               // delete completed
            if (OriginalLength == 0) {                                   // if a single page erase was called, return the page size of the storage area
                return fnGetFlashSectorSize((unsigned long)ptrSector);
    #endif                                                               // #endif not SPI_FILE_SYSTEM
    } while (Length);

V1.4-1 26.11.2011 - http://www.uTasker.com/software/V1.4/uTasker_lpc17xx_V1.4-1.zip

- uTaskerFileCreate.exe Version V1.8 - corrected conversion of 24-bit bitmaps with pixel width not divisible by 8
- UART simulator extended to handle 6 internal UARTs and 4 external ones
- corrections in utFAT when writing clusters over sector boundaries and deleting clusters on big-endian processors
- utFAT FAT16 mode corrections.
- Correct managed file delete when using SPI Flash
- Zero-configuration (Auto-IP) preliminary support according to http://www.utasker.com/docs/uTasker/uTasker_zero_config.pdf (including state display in simulator)
- added option RAM test to application.c [#define RAM_TEST] - according to http://www.utasker.com/docs/uTasker/uTasker_RAM_test.pdf
- RTC support added - driver includes in-built time/Gregorian calender support according to: http://www.utasker.com/forum/index.php?topic=1656.0
- Option (SPECIAL_LCD_DEMO) to stop GLCD demo when an image is posted to the TFT via HTTP
- Character LCD simulator allows read of character content.
- INDIVIDUAL_BUFFERED_TCP_BUFFER_SIZE allows buffered TCP sockets to define different buffer sizes for each socket. Use extern unsigned short fnDefineTCPBufferSize(USOCKET TCP_socket, unsigned short usBufferSize); to allocate the size to be used by the socket before first use. TCP_BUFFER is used (for compatibility) if no size of set.
- Counter of number of times the start web side has been served added to the demonstration
- Display connection IPv4 address on start page of web server
- Enabling SUPPORT_FILE_TIME_STAMP (requires SUPPORT_RTC) adds date/time stamps to utFAT file/directory writes.
- _VARIABLE_HTTP_PORT allows the HTTP server to be started with a user-defined port number rather than fixed port 80.
- DNS_SERVER_OWN_ADDRESS adds command to set individual DNS server address, otherwise it follows the default gateway value.
- SINGLE_FILE_SIZE is no longer used. FILE_GRANULARITY is now used exclusively in all uFileSystem components (the meaning is the same)
- Add time display on web server admin page when RTC enabled
- Add reset cause display to web server admin page
- Simulation assertions use _EXCEPTION("text indication cause of assertion")
- Additional peripheral clock configuration flexibility added (see app_hw_lpc17xx.h)
- LPC1788 supported with configuration for the IAR LPC1788-SK (including LCD controller)

Note that this version is configured by default for the LPC1788 with active TFT. Test in simulator as desired and change the configuration in config.h to suit other targets

Please watch this thread for details of new versions, patches etc.

Please note that the SW packages are protected by the corresponding project password.
To register and receive the password, simple fill out the form: http://www.utasker.com/Licensing/request.html
Don't be afraid - the project is free and supported for everyone; just for commerical use a small fee for premium
support is requested (donation after making their first million profit also welcomed..;-)


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