Author Topic: Luminary Stellaris executables - try them out!!  (Read 11758 times)

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Luminary Stellaris executables - try them out!!
« on: December 02, 2007, 10:27:49 PM »
Hi All

There has been an addition made to the demos on the web site which now enable everyone to see a running device on his/her own PC without the need to have the complete projects and also without the need to perform any installations.

The first chips which have been made available in this form are from the LM3SXXXX family, including LM3S1968, LM3S6965 and LM3S8962.

The demo project can thus be tested in much the same way as when using the simulator together with VisualStudio.

Or, the simulated device can be used to check the ports on the device of interest and compare their layout and functionality between devices within the family.

Please check out the new page at:

Simply copy and extract the files and run the exectable - eg. uTaskerV1-3_LM3S6965.exe to see the LM3S6965 in operation, or uTaskerV1-3_LM3S8962.exe to see the LM3S8962 running.

This is the first attempt to do this - it may be necessary to have Winpcap installed (although I am not absolutely sure since all my PC already have it...).

Tell me if there are any problems. Once it is sure that all is well it will be worth while extending this to more types.