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I'm a new on uTasker. I'm trying to use TI code composer CCSv4 to compile uTasker 1.4

I'm basically building the demo application for LM3Sxxxx. For now I'm still trying to find wich routine is the main routine for the project...

Have anyone ever tried to accomplish this?

Thank you all for your attention,


I haven't heard of anyone using Code Composer with the Luminary project.

However main() is in LM3SXXXX.c.

You will see that the file has a few defines for different compilers:
and the default (when none configured) is to compile with GCC.

There is no assembler code - reset_vect is the startup.

There are a few small things that are possibly required to be modified to suit the way that the compiler in CC operates - usually using the simulator to step through the startup code allows this to be verified.

What you certainly need to do is add all files to the project, define _LM3SXXXX as pre-processor define and the path \Applications\uTaskerV1.4 to the include path (usually the compiler directory is set below uTaskerV1.4 - compare with other compiler directories here - and so the path is simply ../).

Good luck.



Note that I have registered for the 30 day evaluation of CC4.2.2 so that I can help out in case of difficulties.
It will be interesting to compare the solution with others - if I have understood correctly, the package for Stellaris (and some other TI processors) costs from $445 and so represents an attractive package for users who need only restricted ARM support.
Students may still prefer the Rowely Crossworks student version since it costs $300 and has support for a wide range of ARM devices. For hobby use the Rowley Crossworks hobby license is again even cheaperat $150.
More details will be learned as tests progress

Thank you Mark,

I'm still "fighting" with Code Composer Project definitions :(

About the comparative,
Well, for example, when buying EKS-LM38962 (89$ us dolares) we get a full Code Composer version to use with that board.. The EKS-LM3S8962 is also a standard 20 pin JTAG for that works at least with Stellaris CortexM3 MCU'S.
There are also other stellaris evaluation and development kits offering Code Composer Studio..

I'm new to Code Composer, and until now I simply hate it. In fact I'm only using it because it's free with my EKS-LM3S8962.

My preference goes to Keil MDK and IAR.

About the uTasker,
I'm still trying to compile it under CCS.. I will let you know about my progress!

thank you for your help,


I see that the EKS-LM3S8962 is the evaluation board with a "board-locked" CodeComposer Studio. This means that it will not be possible to use it with other boards - possibly also not to use the eval board as JTAG interface to debug other boards (but I might be wrong(?)).

The new CC Studio (the first version including Stellaris support too) is based on Eclipse - as is typically the trend at the moment. Personally I still find it overly complicated and it requires a bit of luck (or expert knowledge) to get it working. It looks as though there is a lack of exemple projects to work with, making starting more difficult than normal. However I find it helpful to use the inbuilt wizard to generate a simple project and use that as a starting point - I seem to have managed to get a simple project working in the simulation mode so am presently analysing where the startup code comes from (there doesn't seem to be source code available to it but it can be seen when debugging in disassembler mode).

Admittedly it is not a simple task to get the project up and running in such an environment. Once I have learned the tricks required I'm give more details here.




Just a note to say that I have managed to get the project building.
Unfortunately the configuration is complicated by the TI library startup code which is not available as source but needs somehow to be controlled to do what is required.
Also the other open point is how to add assembler code in the environment - the lack of examples and any useful documentation is not making thing easier - the following are required but the compiler doesn't recognise the assembler code and I haven't found any intrinsics up to now - I am asked at TI to see whether there is any help:
        __asm("cpsid   i");
        __asm("cpsie   i");




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