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Hi All

The following is a list of the utFAT software versions. The software represents the content of the project directory \uTasker\utFAT and consists of the files
- mass_storage.c : the mass storage task with FAT32 file system forSD cards (and some managed files support)
- mass_storage.h : the header file to the utFAT module
- NAND_driver.h   : optional NAND Flash interface driver with block and wear levelling management

The configuration is controlled from config.h and the physical interface details defined app_hw_xxxx.h (suiting the processor used).



Note that some of the packages contain some reference files due to slight changes in some interfaces or add extra simulation support using included simulation files.

utFAT V2.04a - 18.12.2017 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT2.04a.zip
    utFAT2.04 plus support for combination of internal Flash FAT and emulated FAT

utFAT V2.04 - 14.07.2017 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT2.04.zip
    24.04.2017 Handle USB_MSD_REMOVED when memory stick is removed       {16}
    09.07.2017 Allow renaming a file to a different directory location   {17}
    14.07.2017 Avoid matching directories when not complete path handled {18} [utFAT2.04]

Renaming files to different locations is possible with this release. Also renaming directories to different locations is supported.

utFAT V2.03 - 17.01.2016 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT2.03.zip
    16.11.2015 Ensure that EMULATED_FAT_LUMS is available                {13}
    17.01.2016 Add utFileAttribute() - allows changing file attributes (not directories) {14}
    17.01.2016 Reset log file name counter when skipping hidden files    {15} [uFATV2.03]

utFAT V2.02 - 15.11.2015 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT2.02.zip
    30.11.2014 Add SPI_FLASH_FAT (run utFAT in external SPI based flash)
    03.12.2014 Don't display hidden files unless the HIDDEN_TYPE_LISTING flag is set and expert functions enabled {7}
    04.12.2014 Add FLASH_FAT (run utFAT in internal flash)
    11.12.2014 Add fnResetDirectories() for use when a disk is re-mounted and delete valid sector after re-formatting {8}
    13.12.2014 Ensure that the sector buffer is synchronised when writes are made using fnWriteSector() {9}
    22.01.2015 Add option to return a file's creation time and date in its file object {10}
    06.10.2015 Only when LFN is disabled: Corrected _utOpenDirectory() directory location returned when opening to write new files, plus reuse deleted directory space when possible {11}
    30.10.2015 Added emulated FAT support (FAT_EMULATION)                {12} [uFATV2.02]

If there is an error in mass_storage.c due to missing EMULATED_FAT_LUMS add this in its define section:                 
#if !defined EMULATED_FAT_LUMS
    #define EMULATED_FAT_LUMS            DISK_COUNT

utFAT V2.01 - 06.10.2014 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT2.01.zip
    05.08.2014 Correct long file rename end of directory save            {1}
    15.08.2014 Corrected =! to !=                                        {2}
    29.08.2014 Correct creating additional directory clusters            {3}
    03.09.2014 Remove fnCreateFile(), fnSetFileLocation() and fnInsertLFN_name() parameter {4}
    03.09.2014 Reset any deleted location markers when moving to next paragraph {5}
    06.10.2014 Correct brackets in fnExtractLongFileName()               {6} [uFATV2.01]

utFAT V2.00 - 11.07.2014 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT2.00.zip
    11.07.2014 utFAT2.0 with full LFN write support in VFAT LFN workaround mode with optional
coherent data caching and expert functions (like file object analysis of existing and deleted files and undelete function).
Updated utFAT User's Manual: http://www.utasker.com/docs/uTasker/uTasker_utFAT.PDF

IMPORTANT correction:
In the function
static int _utOpenFile(const CHAR *ptrFilePath, UTFILE *ptr_utFile, unsigned long ulAccessMode)
        uMemcpy(&openBlock.DirectoryEndLocation, &ptr_utFile->ptr_utDirObject->public_disk_location, sizeof(openBlock.DirectoryEndLocation)); // {1}
after the line
openBlock.ptr_utDisk = &utDisks[ptr_utFile->ptr_utDirObject->ucDrive];
at line number 4616.

utFAT V1.13 - 17.09.2013 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.13.zip
    11.08.2012 Extend card detection input polling and interrupt to SDHC controller mode and Kinetis interrupts {54}
    12.08.2012 Extend card detection interrupt to Coldfire V2            {55}
    09.09.2012 Extend card detection interrupt to STM32                  {56}
    18.09.2012 Extend card detection interrupt to LPC17xx and LPC2xxx    {57}
    20.01.2013 Add managed file read/write support                       {58}
    11.09.2013 Reduce sector reads when seeking and correct partial sector read when data is in local {59}

NAND-Flash driver:
    20.03.2013 Added MT29F1G08ABADAH4 / MT29F2G16ABAEAWP and Kinetis     {2}
    04.06.2013 Added NAND_MALLOC() default                               {3}

utFAT V1.12 - 05.08.2012 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.12.zip
    20.01.2012 Remove some unused variables when no UTFAT_WRITE/UTMANAGED_FILE_COUNT operation {43}
    28.01.2012 Add LFN length protection                                 {44}
    28.02.2012 Add LFN delete support                                    {45}
    06.03.2012 Don't delete file content cluster chains when they don't exist {46}
    21.03.2012 Allow directory paths aaa\bbb\ terminated with \          {47}
    02.04.2012 Add utServer()                                            {48}
    02.04.2012 Add SD card simulation display interface                  {49}
    02.04.2012 Add card removal monitoring                               {50}
    27.07.2012 Improve return result from ut_read_disk() to include errors {51}
    27.07.2012 Add card detection input polling and interrupt modes      {52} - see http://www.utasker.com/forum/index.php?topic=1747.msg6270#msg6270
    05.08.2012 Card removal monitoring based on checking card modified to read last section {53}

utFAT V1.11 - 19.01.2012 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.11.zip
    17.09.2011 Allow UTFAT_APPEND attribute to set the file pointer straight to the end of the file when opening for write {39}
    18.01.2012 Allow operation without UTMANAGED_FILE_COUNT and/or without UTFAT_WRITE {40}
    18.01.2012 Enable debug output to be disabled with UTFAT_DISABLE_DEBUG_OUT {41}
    18.01.2012 Allow fnRunThroughClusters() to return error value and limit forward seek to end of file {42}

utFAT V1.10 - 24.08.2011 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.10.zip
    20.08.2011 Correct cluster allocation over sector boundaries         {35}
    20.08.2011 Correct big-endian cluster deletion                       {36}
    24.08.2011 Recognise empty file names and reject them                {37}
    24.08.2011 FAT16 cluster corrections                                 {38}

utFAT V1.9 - 02.03.2011 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.9.zip
  17.02.2011 Copy volume label when a disk is mounted                    {30}
  21.02.2011 Cast DIR_NAME_FREE comparison                               {31}
  24.02.2011 Add UTFAT16 support                                         {32}
  24.02.2011 Add support for full formatting (including data section) and formatting flags {33}
  25.02.2011 Block any write actions when the disk is write protected and allow use to select how the WP switch is read {34}

utFAT V1.8 - 05.01.2011 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.8.zip
  17.10.2010 Add NAND Flash support                                      {29}

utFAT V1.7 - 08.10.2010 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.7.zip
  24.09.2010 Change ucDiskFlags to usDiskFlags and add DISK_NOT_PRESENT when no disk detected and DISK_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED when non-supported type {27}
  25.09.2010 Add uMatchFileExtension()                                   {28}

utFAT V1.6 - 18.09.2010 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.6.zip
  09.04.2010 First version of MANAGED_FILES support including delete control {21}
  14.06.2010 Add fnWriteSector()                                                {22}
  06.07.2010 utReadDirectory() made extern                               {23}
  30.07.2010 Optimised local routines to avoid reading partial data when not necessary - simplifies and improves compatibility with SD controller operation
  04.08.2010 Move various defines from here to mass_storage.h
  06.08.2010 Introduce SDCARD_MALLOC() macro to better control the malloc() area used {24}
  16.09.2010 Ensure that root-referenced paths work with correct location {25}
  16.09.2010 Ensure that the public disk location entry can not be used uninitialised {26}

Note slight changes to interface - see references in the directory for http, ftp and command line interface
Modification to SD card simulator to support SD card controller interface - see SDcard_sim.c

utFAT V1.5 - 30.03.2010 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.5.zip
  19.03.2010 Add force of sector load rather than a transfer to a buffer {18}
  29.03.2010 Add fnGetLocalFileTime() to allow file data/time stamps to be returned by systems with corresponding support {19}
  30.03.2010 Block reformat when the disk is write protected and clear disk state when starting {20}

utFAT V1.4 - 15.03.2010 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.4.zip
  16.02.2010 Correct cluster counting when using info block as reference (move {4} to be generally used) {14}
  16.02.2010 Correct original FAT sector when allocating new clusters    {15}
  18.02.2010 Set directory back to lowest directory when the directory cluster end is exhausted {16}
  18.02.2010 Correctly extend directory clusters                         {17}

utFAT V1.3 - 16.02.2010 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.3.zip
  02.02.2010 Don't allow a file to be renamed unless open for rename or write {9}
  02.02.2010 Don't allow a file to be written or deleted if it is read-only {10}
  08.02.2010 Ensure that the mass storage polling is terminated after each command that needed to wait {12}
  12.02.2010 Correct utReadFile() sector increment when end of file meets sector boundard {13}

utFAT V1.2 - 30.01.2010 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.2.zip
  31.01.2010 Extend utOpenFile() mode parameter from unsigned char to unsigned short {8}
Note slight changes to interface - see references in the directory for http, ftp and command line interface

utFAT V1.1 - 28.01.2010 : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.1.zip

  05.01.2010 Modify free cluster value written to info sector during formatting {1}
  19.01.2010 Reset file length when creating files to avoid taking values from previously deleted entres {2}
  20.01.2010 Add new time when writing to a file - add creation parameter to function fnSetTimeDate() {3}
  21.01.2010 Correction in fnAllocateCluster() which could cause FAT corruption on cluster growth {4}
  26.01.2010 Add SD controller interface                                 {5}
  27.01.2010 Correct creating, renaming and deleting files and directories in referenced sub-directories with help of flag UTDIR_SET_START {6}

utFAT V1.0 - original version : http://www.uTasker.com/software/utFAT/utFAT1.0.zip

Hey Mark,

just wanted to inform you that there is a  "{" missing in line 2719 in mass_storage.c.

Kind regards


Hi Paul (V2.00)

I see a problem when UTFAT_EXPERT_FUNCTIONS is not used, however it is in fact the brackets at lines 2717 and 2726 which are superfluous rather than the one at 2719 being missing. Adding one at 2719 also solves it though.

I just corrected this and also made a release of V2.01 since there have been a couple of other bug fixes made and verified, as well as some code optimisation.



Thank You Mark! :)


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