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STR91XF SW Versions


Hi All

Below are the V1.4 project versions for the ST STR91XF project.



uTaskerV1.4-0 STR91XF - 03.09.2011 - http://www.uTasker.com/software/V1.4/uTaskerSTR91XF_V1.4-0.zip

Provisional V1.4 version including support for various compilers (including GCC). This version has not been verified for all targets and so will probably require various improvements before it can be successfully used in all permutations - however the IAR4 and GCC uTaskerV1.4 project targets should be OK.

Please note that the SW packages are protected by the corresponding project password.
To register and receive the password, simple fill out the form: http://www.utasker.com/Licensing/request.html
Don't be afraid - the project is free and supported for everyone; just for commerical use a small fee for premium
support is requested (donation after making their first million profit also welcomed..;-)


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