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STR91XF - Welcome
« on: July 09, 2007, 10:12:50 PM »
Hi All

The ST STR91XF is quite a beast.
It clocks at up to 96MHz (ARM9) has up to 544k FLASH and 96K SRAM, with fast I/Os, Ethernet (needs external PHY) and USB (device).
And being a beast it needs to be tamed, which can take some time.

The uTasker is presently in the pre-release project phase with most difficulties solved and a reliable project just waiting for more users to jump on board. It also supports the STR910 and STR911 parts.

The Ethernet controller is incredibly easy to use and works very reliably - at the time of writing I have one connected at which has been running for the last 11 days in a DMZ. Some parts of the chip are powerful but rather complicated to get working. Some things are simply buggy and so all night sessions are necessary to get the smallest amounts of progress (check out the errata on the ST web site and check which revision you are working with before starting). But with its whopping memory and interesting price it can be worth having to take a few hurdles to get there.

A boot loader is already operational, allowing software updates via Ethernet while booting from FLASH bank 1. Full speed operation at 96MHz is fully supported in the project set up and various tricks have been learned on the way enabling support for those with the courage to roll up their sleeve and get stuck in.

Please use this forum section for everything to do with the STR91XF.
I look forward to reading your postings.


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