Author Topic: SAM7S and the PMC_PCER  (Read 9134 times)

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SAM7S and the PMC_PCER
« on: May 30, 2012, 08:45:08 AM »
I think there is a miner issue when u use the SAM7S series in combination with the uTasker.
You addapted the uTasker to work with this processor.

But the Peripherial indentifiers for the SAM7S series is lightly different of these of the SAM7SE and SAM7X.

So I added the PIDs for the SAM7S to the sam7x.h file. Now the clock is set correct.
I discovered the problem when using the SPI bus.

Code: [Select]
    #define AIC_FIQ                      0x00000001                      // Advanced Interrupt Controller - fast external interrupt
    #define SYSIRQ                       0x00000002                      //
    #define PIOA                         0x00000004                      // Parallel Input/Output Controller A
    #define ADC                          0x00000010                      // ADC Converter
    #define SPI0                         0x00000020                      // Serial Peripheral Interface 0
    #define USART0                       0x00000040                      // USART 0
    #define USART1                       0x00000080                      // USART 1
    #define SSC                          0x00000100                      // Synchronous Serial Controller
    #define TWI                          0x00000200                      // Two Wire Interface (IIC)
    #define PWMC                         0x00000400                      // Pulse Width Modulator Controller
    #define UDP                          0x00000800                      // USB Device Port
    #define TC0                          0x00001000                      // Timer Counter 0
    #define TC1                          0x00002000                      // Timer Counter 1
    #define TC2                          0x00004000                      // Timer Counter 2
                                                                         // 15..29 reserved
    #define AIC_IRQ0                     0x40000000                      // Advanced Interrupt Controller - external interrupt 0
    #define AIC_IRQ1                     0x80000000                      // Advanced Interrupt Controller - external interrupt 1
Kind regards Tim

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Re: SAM7S and the PMC_PCER
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2012, 12:01:01 AM »
Hi Tim


I see that there are two incompatibilities - the ADC and the SPI.

This has now been corrected by a new set as you have added.