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Debugger looking for wrong .elf file



I'm using Studio 5.1 with a Makefile and everything builds OK.  It creates uTaskerV1.4.elf.

Here the problem:
When I try to debug, the debugger is looking uTaskerV1.elf.  I can't find where the project is calling uTaskerV1.elf instead of uTaskerV1.4.elf.  Have you seen this?


Hi Kenneth

I think that there is a problem with Studio 5 because it doesn't look as though it can always handle file names with a 'dot' in them. I have also had a similar problem with Rowley Crossworks projects where it was necessary to avoid using the name "1.4" and use something like 1_4 instead.

If you rename the output file or project name to uTaskerV1_4 it will generate an elf called uTaskerV1_4 and then the debugger should find it too.




A general addition to the fact that the debugger doesn't work with the full project name...

There are in fact several targets to the project allowing building the serial loader, boot loader or (in newest full version) for building an Ethernet loader from the same project. In each case the target is set accordingly and the build results in the correct make file being executed and the binaries being generated. If however these targets need to be debugged there is a similar issue - the debugger always expects to find the file uTaskerV1.elf in the directory when the make file is located - even though the actually taget may be called something like uTaskerSerialLoader.elf.

It would be better if there were a target setting for the actual *.elf file to be used as is the case for other IDEs but presently this is not so. I will be adding an additional post-build step to copy the output to uTaskerV1.elf so that this workaround is automated.

As long as the expected file is however available (and up to date) AS6 (the latest version at time of writing) otherwise works well.




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