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SD Card Boot Loader
« on: November 25, 2013, 11:45:14 PM »
Hi All

Most projects have included an SD Card Boot Loader for some time but without complete documentation to its use.

This has now been rectified in the latest Serial Loader Guide which also includes the SD Card Boot Loader guide.

Attached is an updated version of SDLoader.c:

1. A new define should be added to Loader.h
#define MAX_WAIT_SD_CARD              5
This defines the longest period of time (in seconds) that the SD card loader will try to mount an SD card before starting an "available" application in Flash.

2. In SDLoader.c this limit is used and an available application will always be started in case an update is not possible – rather than remaining in the SD card loader. In the original version it was possible to remain in the SD card loader in certain situations.
3. It is also advisable to control the SD card loader from the card detect switch if the SD card socket has one (see page 21/27 of the guide for details).