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STM32F405/407VGT6 Bootloader Configuration



After the success with uTasker SD Bootloader for Kinetis, I tried to do the same for STM32, I have some questions please:
1.- Not available to use the project in Eclipse ?, I have opened it with Coocox, but I prefer Eclipse if possible.

2.- I want to use for an STM32F405 or STM32F407 with bootloader from SD card by SDIO. It's correct if I choose ST_MB997A_DISCOVERY ?, The SD will not be for SPI, but for SDIO, I'm not sure how select it.

3.- What is the parameter I must configure to enable bootloader from SD card ?. need force boot and not retain loader to enter in boot mode without switches and SD socket with no sd card switch detect.

4.- In config.h I have enable  SDCARD_SUPPORT, but when I go to app_hw_stm32.h  the  "#if defined SDCARD_SUPPORT" is dissabled. What may be the problem ?.

5.- With this bootloader for STM32, the user application must compile also to start in 0x8000 or what is the correct start address for STM32 ?.

6.- There is no "#define DELETE_SDCARD_FILE_AFTER_UPDATE" to allow delete firmware automatically after load ?.
Best regards.

Hi Luis

1. There is an Atollic project in \Applications\uTaskerV1.4\Atollic - Atollic is Eclipse and free/unlimited in its basic version. [It is also possible to build in KDS, although this won't be able to debug the target]

2. There are STM32F405_BOARD (405) and STM3240G_EVAL, ST_MB997A_DISCOVERY and STM32F407ZG_SK (407) targets at present.

3. The following define (in app_hw_stm32.h) controls whether the SDIO controller is used (when available)
#define SD_CONTROLLER_AVAILABLE                                  // use SDIO rather than SPI (necessary on STM3240G-EVAL board)

4. app_hw_stm32.h is included in config.h (via types.h). As long as the define SDCARD_SUPPORT is included in config.h before #include "types.h" the define should be enabled in app_hw_stm32.h.

5. The application start address can be defined by the user. However, the STM32 parts have large flash granularity and, even though they have boot sectors, these are also quite large (eg. 16k in size) so one has limited choice - if the serial loader is smaller than 16k 0x4000 may be possible, otherwise 0x8000 is the next (the boot sector granularity changes between parts so one needs to check for each part).

6. The STM32 package doesn't yet include the same features as the Kinetis package. You could however take the serial loader source code from the Kinetis project to upgrade it - it should essentially be compatible. I am upgrading the STM32 project and adding various new parts/boards, which will then be available at a new private GIT repository like the Kinetis project. Contact me in case you would like access to the working version for evaluation purposes.




Thank you Mark.
How may I get access to the new private GIT repository ?

Kind Regards.


Fill out this form to get access:




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