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K64F usb host won't build

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Hi, i am trying to replicate what you did on your tutorial video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhISV1czIo4&feature=youtu.be

But i wan't to have the K66F as a USB host with CDC support.

i can't seem to be able to setup the config file so that the project builds.
Also, my config file seem's to be different then the one seen in the video.

I am using kinetis design studio to try to build the utasker application for the board.

Thank you.   


Please tell me if you are using the OpenSource or developer's version.
Also, are you trying to use the FS or the HS USB interface as host?



Hello Mark,

Sorry for the late reply, i was out of town. Sorry i made a mestake in the title of this post, i am trying to use the FRDM-K66F, not the FRDM-K64F board.

I am using the open source version, since I don't think I have access to the developer one.

I am using the FRDM-K66F board, on this board, only the HS USB interface is usable (USB0 signal arent routed).

thank you


I am sorry but there is no HS USB host support in the project at the moment.

I have however used the NXP HS USB-MSD host reference as a library component to enable memory stick loading in the serial loader project and I do intend to develop the necessary HS host layer at some point, but I have no concrete date yet.
It was not that difficult to integrate the HS MSD-USB part but it did require a dedicated library to be linked (needs individual library for each processor type in the NXP code) which required 50 individual files to be able to build, so a bit of stamina to get to the end.
Possibly the same could be done with CDC but it is a challenge to understand how it actually operates and I see a lot of reports of problems with the NXP CDC too, so I'm not sure it will be worth patching in temporarily.

How urgent is the need for HS USB Host operation in your case?



Hello Mark,
Thank you for the quick reply.
I have been working on this for a while. I am trying to communicate with a USB CDC device. The device in question is based on an ATMEGA32U4 chip and works correctly using a PC.

In the past, I managed to get it to work using a teensy 3.6 board.
I wanted to add network communication to my project, so I bought a FRDM-K66F board because it basically has the same chip on (only flash size is different I think) and has a Ethernet socket an phy on board. The only difference that i did not notice was that the USB was routed to the HSUSB instead of the FS one, so i could not use the same librarie and i would have to rely on the NXP USB libraries. But all NXP USB libraries I have used so far have not been able to talk to my USB device. The device enumerates correctly, but stops responding after the first caracter is sent to it.

After seeing you video on youtube i was hopefull i could replicate it with the K66F board and switch my project to a uTasker project.

Perhaps i could source a K64F board to test with utasker, would i be able to configer utasker as a USB CDC host in FS mode to see if i can manage to talk to my device?


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