Author Topic: Does uTasker support a UART connection to its Web Serrver?  (Read 644 times)

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Does uTasker support a UART connection to its Web Serrver?
« on: August 20, 2019, 10:28:24 PM »
Hi Mark,

Can uTasker support a UART connection to the Web Server?  The uTasker "Kinetis Tutorial - Ethernet and the Simulator" document demonstrates the web server built into uTasker through an Ethernet connection.  Is it possible to route the Ethernet connection through the UART on a NXP KE15Z microcontroller with uTasker?  On the PC side, it is desired to use a browser such as Google Chrome to communicate through the a COM port connected to the KE15Z UART.  If this is possible, does the uTasker project contain definitions that would make this happen and allow the Demo Web Server to work as detailed in the section 6 of the Kinetis Tutorial document?

Thank you.

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Re: Does uTasker support a UART connection to its Web Serrver?
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2019, 02:08:45 AM »

For UART operation you need either SLIP or PPP and then you can enable the web server etc.
#define USE_PPP                                                      // allow TCP/IP on serial
      //#define USE_SLIP                                                 // use slip rather than PPP
      //#define USE_SLIP_DIAL_OUT                                        // dial-out

I favor RNIDS via USB for such work and haven't developed PPP natively in the project but instead used LWIP PPP resources for the rare cases that it has been used.

PPP is not (presently) included in the open source version but is in the professional version and proven with serial (PPP) based GSM modules. I think that the PC may connect a little differently but the general operation is the same.

If PPP is not needed (it is a big protocol layer) SLIP is much simpler and more streamlined for direct UART connections. It is also possible to do it with RAW Ethernet data over UART but this will presumably not work with 'standard' PC solutions which will want to use SLIP, PPP or RNDIS (or other) intermediate protocols.