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i.MX RT Playlist
« on: May 04, 2020, 04:22:18 AM »
Hi All

Finally I have got to the point that my time is not consumed fully by new i.MX RT development and the new support can be well demonstrated.

To get the ball rolling I have created a new playlist on Youtube "uTasker i.MX RT"

This starts with an introduction to the i.MX RT to give a foundation for future more technically details videos discussing more specific i.MX RT / uTasker topics. The next one will probably be the extended uTasker boot loader concept (secured as standard) now available in the i.MX RT version.

I believe that the results make the chips easier to use and manage (in production and in firmware maintenance once products have been shipped) and am hoping for its use to take off.

The i.MX RT devices are powerful and flexible and so the support journey is gong to be a long one, but fruitful.

If there are burning i.MX RT topics that someone thinks merits its own video please suggest here!