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New demo for Luminary project
« on: March 19, 2008, 09:43:43 PM »
Hi All

The release of the well overdue Luminary project for the uTasker is almost ready.....therefore a couple of details and a link to the latest demo.

The project will be available for IAR and Rowley Crossworks (GCC) including all standard Web support and up to 3 UARTs. This can be seen (apart from the UARTs, which are however working correctly [at least UART0 which I just tested]) at the following demo address:

It has the standard web server stuff with SMTP (so send yourself a test mail), TIME SERVER, TELNET etc. and the code was compiled using GNU - measuring around 52k in size including UART driver code. (Don't forget, the Cortex M3 core uses Thumb 2 mode and so ARM/Thumb modes is a thing of the past, generating Thumb-size code with even more performance that ARM code mode).

I am now satisfied that I understand enough about the chip and the development tools to complete the tutorial so that the package can be distributed. I have made a developer's log of all problems that I encoutered on the way, technical details and ideas about the strengths and weaknesses of the chips and their peripherals. These details will probably find there way into future theads...

I am quite excited about the new uTasker package due to the great number of chips which Luminary offers - a large percentage of them have Ethernet on-board (including PHY) and the uTasker potentially supports all of them - starting at the smallest, the LM3S101, in 24 pin package with 2k RAM, 8k FLASH and one UART. The project can very simply be configured to run on this device and various other parts can also be simply added when and if needed.

The first release (Beta) will be available for all who have signed up for it - you will receive a direct email. New users are always welcome; simply sign up on the license request page:

There are still various drivers to be added and lots of further details to be discovered - it would be great if anyone is interested in doing some work on the project to get as much out of these interesting chips as possible.

I look forward to the official release announcement in the next days!



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Re: New demo for Luminary project
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2008, 10:22:11 AM »
Hi Mark,

I'm quite interested in some of the modules that Luminary are planning to release in April like the Serial to Ethernet module this is an OEM product that can be built into equipment. This combined with utasker could become the basis of a small neat protocol converter.

Have a good Easter