Author Topic: Kinetis Device is Locked.Do you want to unlock it? Mass erase will be executed.  (Read 4374 times)


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I am using MK60DX256VLL10 in a circuit. After soldering the controller onto the designed board, I tried to download my code into the controller using Ulink Pro Debugger using Keil MDK. But i encounter "Kinetis Device is Locked. Do you want to unlock it? Mass erase will be executed" to which I press OK. After few seconds, "Invalid ROM table" appears and erase is not performed.

To be cear, the same code is used in another board where same controller is used and in that board, I am able to doanload my code wihtout any "lock isssue" or "invalid rom table" issue.

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I my experience the message about the device being locked and other such message (when not expected) are due to a problem with the debugger communicating with the HW.

If the same debugger setup works on different boards you need to check the JTAG or SWD connection carefully for differences/errors. Also ensure that the debugger is set for the correct JTAG or SDW mode, depending on what the HW previews it to use.