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Hi Mark,
  Happy new year... And hope 2022 is good :)

  looking at the version of my ufat I see its:  11.07.2014 utFAT2.0   . Is this the latest version? If not how can I update this?

Best Regards

Hi Neil

Happy New Year to you too!!

The present working version has these changes:

    11.07.2014 utFATV2.00
    05.08.2014 Correct long file rename end of directory save            {1}
    15.08.2014 Corrected =! to !=                                        {2}
    29.08.2014 Correct creating additional directory clusters            {3}
    03.09.2014 Remove fnCreateFile(), fnSetFileLocation() and fnInsertLFN_name() parameter {4}
    03.09.2014 Reset any deleted location markers when moving to next paragraph {5}
    06.10.2014 Correct brackets in fnExtractLongFileName()               {6} [utFATV2.01]
    30.11.2014 Add SPI_FLASH_FAT (run utFAT in external SPI based flash)
    03.12.2014 Don't display hidden files unless the HIDDEN_TYPE_LISTING flag is set and expert functions enabled {7}
    04.12.2014 Add FLASH_FAT (run utFAT in internal flash)
    11.12.2014 Add fnResetDirectories() for use when a disk is re-mounted and delete valid sector after re-formatting {8}
    13.12.2014 Ensure that the sector buffer is synchronised when writes are made using fnWriteSector() {9}
    22.01.2015 Add option to return a file's creation time and date in its file object {10}
    06.10.2015 Only when LFN is disabled: Corrected _utOpenDirectory() directory location returned when opening to write new files, plus reuse deleted directory space when possible {11}
    30.10.2015 Added emulated FAT support (FAT_EMULATION)                {12} [utFATV2.02]
    16.11.2015 Ensure that EMULATED_FAT_LUNS is available                {13}
    17.01.2016 Add utFileAttribute() - allows changing file attributes (not directories) {14}
    17.01.2016 Reset long file name counter when skipping hidden files   {15} [utFATV2.03]
    24.04.2017 Handle USB_MSD_REMOVED when memory stick is removed       {16}
    09.07.2017 Allow renaming a file to a different directory location   {17}
    14.07.2017 Avoid matching directories when not complete path handled {18} [utFAT2.04]
    18.12.2017 Allow emulated FAT to be used together with other disk types than SD card {19}
    02.03.2018 Added block read option                                   {20}
    11.03.2020 Added i.MX RT support
    12.03.2020 Allow FAT32 info sector use on all media                  {21}
    13.03.2020 Correct FAT16 cluster boundary detection                  {22}
    13.03.2020 Allow up to 64k clusters on all media                     {23}
    30.04.2020 Add option SUPPORT_SDCARD_V1 to allow V+ SD cards to be used
    01.07.2020 Remove DISK_NOT_PRESENT flag when mounting                {24}
    12.08.2020 Correct FAT size when SPI flash used with page size 256   {25}
    12.08.2020 Backup and rewrite physical sector content of SPI flash that have sector sizes of multiples of 512 bytes {26}
    20.08.2020 Allow directory creation when a real storage medium is used together with emulated FAT {27}
    28.01.2021 Initialise local data using uMemcpy() to avoid GCC optimisation problem with unaligned data {28}

Access to the working version is possible with a support subscription (extension) if you are using the project commercially.

Otherwise the open source version on GitHub at https://github.com/uTasker/uTasker-Kinetis (for Kinetis and STM32) contains changes up to 2016, whereby the module is essentially HW-independent and so can be used with any processor.



Hi Mark,
  Many thanks  :)

Best Regrards


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