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Watchdog control
« on: July 25, 2008, 04:48:57 PM »
Hi, I try to use the watchdog on the STR912. I init it by
WDG_PR = 0xFF;                                                         
WDG_VR = 0x027B;

then, enable it


It loads the settings, and starts to count down till reset. When I try to reload the prescale and count by

WDG_KR = 0xA55A;//WDT_FEED1;
WDG_KR = 0x5AA5;//WDT_FEED2;

I could not prevent the wdt from resetting. Please help!


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Re: Watchdog control
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2008, 10:42:45 PM »
Hi Guibia

I wonder whether you also need to enable clocks to the watchdog?:
    SCU_PCGR1 |= (WATCHDOG);                                             // enable clocks to watchdog
    SCU_PRR1  |= (WATCHDOG);                                             // take watchdog module out of reset

Although - if it is counting - it does seem to be working.

I must admit to not having used the watchdog in this chip (in the projects I have performed with it I had no 32kHz [which you seem to be using] and at 96Mhz the maximum timeout was rather short. Due to some encryption routines taking much longer, an external watchdog solution was used instead.

However, when I study your code it does look fine. I do however wonder whether this is compiler optimisation removing the first feed sequence write?

WDG_KR = 0xA55A;//WDT_FEED1; <- may be optimised away by compiler since the second value will result
WDG_KR = 0x5AA5;//WDT_FEED2;

Ensure that WDG_KR is defined as volatile to avoid this possibly happening.
Experiment defining WDG_KR as volatile unsigned long and as volatile unsigned short to ensure that the access length is not critical. I have used devices which have been sensitive to this, although it was not documented anywhere - it then requires a little trial end error until the correct combination is found...