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Hi All

Sometimes I get questions about how long it takes to receive a requested license - as existing users know, this means a link to the project and a password to the code.

All requests are answered personally and so it may take from just a few minutes, up to possibly a day (depending on at what time send, when received and when an answer was possible). Automated license transmission was considered but experience has shown that there are often some things in the form which require consideration (eg. sometimes the requested processor family, hardware or compiler don't match and so first this has to be cleared up). Also some personal suggestions about obtaining further information relevant to the proposed project are useful and so a personal answer still takes preference.

If, after waiting more than a day, there is still no answer there may have been a problem. Some times the license is sent very quickly but the email bounces back - mostly this is due to the fact that the requestor's email address has not been entered correctly (eg. a character is missing somewhere or there some other typo) and generally there is no way to find out what the real address is. Then I have to wait until the requestor either tries again or sends a direct email complaining about not receiving anything...

The most common reason for not receiving the license within a reasonable time is however due to the fact that the license email is filtered somewhere and deposited into a spam input. That means that it does arrive but the requestor hasn't noticed that it is in the spam input.

Therefore, if you are expecting a response to a license request, please always check your main email AND any spam inputs.
When actually applying, please check VERY CAREFULLY the email address which is entered before sending the request form.
If there is still no response, re-send the application (with a note that it is a repeat) and / or an email directly to me with the same information as in the formula.

Remember that the information entered is stored only for reference and is never disclosed to anyone else - it is therefore held confidential.
For general support questions please register on the forum and make use of this possibility. The answers may be of interest to others and the forum is the best place to allow the community to benefit from this.
For sensitive matters a personal email is always possible, although direct email support is generally a benefit for licensed users.





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