Author Topic: uTaskerV1.4.4 Preliminary Information  (Read 13620 times)

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uTaskerV1.4.4 Preliminary Information
« on: February 14, 2010, 09:52:22 PM »
Hi All

Here are details about a forthcoming project update.

The uTaskerV1.4.4 will contains support for the SAM7S, as well as the standard SAM7X support. This is not a big deal seeing that the SAM7X is in fact the big brother of the SAM7S but this does then allow the project to be used seamlessly across the SAM7 family, including simulation of all of the devices.

The package will also include the utFAT1.3 version - this is the latest working version with a few patches ( to solve identified problems in first real projects as well as complete support for referenced file addressing.

Technically the SAM7S is more or less a SAM7X without the Ethernet and CAN controllers. Whereas the SAM7X is available in only 100pin package with two ports A and B of each 31 bit width, the SAM7S is available in a smaller 64 pin housing (with one 32 bit port A) [the two smallest devices AT91SAM7S16 and AT91SAM7S32 are in an even smaller 48 pin housing but has only 21 bits on the port and no USB device]. The internal  memory sizes range from 4k SRAM / 16k FLASH up to 64k SRAM / 512k FLASH (see also

The new SAM7S configuration was tested on an Olimex SAM7-MT256 board; this has a 2 x 16 character LCD, 5 buttons and LED, buzzer, relay, USB and RS232 (USART0 or DBGU). The test configuration - see reference software on the SW/Live demos page - uses USART0 and USB CDC as command line interfaces, blinks the red LED and displays a moving "Hi uTasker" in the LCD. Note that the LCD that I have on my board doesn't actually display the 'u' correctly because it is not a West European display type but instead a Cyrillic one ( - this contains for example characters for the Russian language and suitable for Bulgarian (note that Olimex is a Bulgarian company!). The letter (0xe4) is displayed as a circle with a vertical line through it - if this happens on your board you also have a display this character set rather than a West European character set...

Final test of the package will be made in the next few days and then the new release will be available for download.