Author Topic: USB Mass Storage for SAM7  (Read 4454 times)

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USB Mass Storage for SAM7
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:26:16 PM »
Hi All

There are now binary demo files for the ATMEL and OLIMEX SAM7X boards available on the SW/Live demos page:

As long as a FAT32 formatted SD card is inserted into the SD card slot of these boards, the SD card will appear as a drive on the PC connected via USB. By creating a directory on the card called "dir1" and having a web server start page there called "index.htm" plus web content (which can be large due to the size of the card and can also use long-file names) the web server content (after a reset) will be served from the SD card.

The file system content can also be browsed via a DOS-like interface on either USART0 or via TELNET at the address The file system can also be viewed and manipulated via FTP.

The default IP address can be modified via USART0 menu if required.



P.S. For full details for the SD card utFAT and the user interfaces see
P.P.S. The main new feature here is the new USB Mass Storage Device interface