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I emailed luminaries support yesterday, and got an email this morning that LMFlash Build 757 is now on Luminaries website.  It fixes the problem.  There is much rejoicing.

I programmed uTaskerV13.bin (with 2 bytes of padding on the end) with OpenOCD.   I can then verify flash against the .bin file in LMFlash just fine.  This implies to me that the format is still a straight binary, and that most likely there is a bug in the new LMFlash.

I am running LMFlash Build 718, the version currently on luminary's website.

I also had a problem when using openOCD, but it appears to be because it expects the file to end on a 4byte word boundary.  Adding two zero bytes to the end seem to make openOCD happy, but not LMFlash.

I've tried with the version downloaded from the website, and a GNU make ala make_uTaskerV1.3_GNU_LM3SXXXX.bat

In both cases it gets to either 7% or 8%, then pops up an message box "**ERROR**: Programming error 0xA."

It doesn't happen with other binary files.  I've tried it on multiple machines including an x64 Vista, and a x86 XP machine, with identical results.

It is quite mysterious to me, as I would have thought to LMFlash the contents of a binary file are irrelevant.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Does anyone know how fix it?

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