Author Topic: AT91SAM7+FreeRTOS with uIP+Wireless ??  (Read 14539 times)

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AT91SAM7+FreeRTOS with uIP+Wireless ??
« on: December 14, 2007, 06:03:45 PM »

I'm developing with the AT91SAM7X256 at the moment.

I implemented a FreeRTOS with uIP(Adam Dunkels) stack:
uIP Embedded WEB Server Demo
using the FreeRTOS SAM7X ARM port :

I would like to use a different PHY layer. I want to use it as a wireless device - 802.11 b/g standard (WI-FI).

Have You got any advices, examples or opinions about this idea?
Is it difficult to change Ethernet to Wireless layer in FreeRTOS with uIP?
What transceiver and baseband processor would be the best, what about the software?
What is the best way to integrate it properly?
I would be greatful for any help.