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Hi All

Below is a list of links to the MODBUS software packages (intermediate and most up-to-date versions) - newest at the TOP.



Release V1.27 18.03.2016 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.27.zip
    07.03.2015 Use software FIFO for gateway queues                      {V1.24}
    15.05.2015 Extend USB support to multiple CDC interfaces             {V1.25}
    13.08.2015 Allow MODBUS TCP masters that are not all in operation. Also ensure correct uTaskerGlobalStopTimer()/uTaskerStopTimer() usage {V1.26}
    27.08.2015 Add RTS control to Kinetis KE and KL devices, using UART_FRAME_END_COMPLETE option {V1.27}
    10.09.2015 Protect against attempting to access single non-existing register content at address 0 {V1.28}
    18.03.2016 Correct fnPostFunction() parameters when NOTIFY_ONLY_COIL_CHANGES is used {V1.29}

Release V1.23 02.04.2014 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.23.zip
MODBUS TCP supports multiple networks, interfaces and VLAN operation

Note: If using a processor package which doesn't contain multiple-networking support with MODBUS/TCP there will be an error due to a missing macro used in the code.
To solve this add
#define _TCP_SOCKET_MASK(uSocket) (uSocket)
either to MODBUS.c or any header file used by it (eg. tcpip.h).

Release V1.22 13.06.2012 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.22.zip
Silently ignore reverse routing to TCP masters whos connections have been lost/reset.

Release V1.21 19.03.2012 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.21.zip
Allow Kinetis to use automatic RTS control when working in RS485 mode (avoid code inverting polarity).

Release V1.20 02.01.2012 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.20.zip
Allow correct serial queuing operation without needing MODBUS_GATE_WAY_ROUTING to be defined
STM32 RTU timer mode correction - compatible with STM32 project from V1.4-Beta 0.4

Release V1.19 12.05.2011 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.19.zip
Allow devices with automatic RS485 RTS control to remove unnecessary code (mainly for Kinetis project)

Release V1.18 25.04.2011 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.18.zip
Ensure transaction ID and port are correct when sending exceptions to bad queries from TCP
Add Kinetis support (uses PITs for RTU timer interrupts)

[V1.17 not released]

Release V1.16 10.10.2010 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.16.zip
Allow LM3SXXXX to use one 16 bit timer channel per interface (rather than on full 32 bit timer)
Configure external UARTs to operate in automatic RS485 mode

Release V1.15 31.08.2010 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.15.zip
Reset TCP outstanding data count when a TCP connection is reset by the peer
Extra configuration definitions for more verified configurations as well as LPC17XX and STM32 support
Ensure correct unit address returned via TCP/serial gateway

[V1.13..V1.14 not released]

Release V1.12 15.06.2010 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.12.zip
Respect LPC2XXX timer modes and activate RTS control without RTS delay being necessary
Correct MODBUS_SERIAL_INTERFACES > 0 to allow single ASCII interface and only reset modbus_session->usOutstandingData when ACK is received, not data
Remove incompatible parameter

[V1.10..V1.11 not released]

Release V1.09 20.01.2010 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.09.zip
Add reverse routing to TCP masters and always reduce length by CRC length when routing
Delete routing queue on TCP connection close, return fnMODBUS_route() result to TCP caller and release MODBUS master socket on close to ensure next connection is correctly established {V1.07}
Add fnClose_MODBUS_port() to close a MODBUS master TCP connection on demand and fnGet_MODBUS_TCP_port_status()
Allow routing when only MODBUS_TCP_SERIAL_GATEWAY mode is set at a TCP slave
Make content of fnClose_MODBUS_port dependent on TCP master
Correct response function value from MODBUS_READ_WRITE_MULTIPLE_REGISTER

[V1.6..V1.8 not released]

Release V1.05 25.08.2009 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.05.zip
Correct V1.03 reverse route and add additional route capability

Release V1.04 22.08.2009 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.04.zip
Dimensions of tcp_master_timeout and tcp_master_broadcast_timeout corrected to MODBUS_TCP_MASTERS - see modbus.h

Release V1.03 12.08.2009 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.03.zip
Add RTU/ASCII decision for reverse routing to UARTs

Release V1.02 06.08.2009 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.02.zip
MODBUS USB slave support added, plus additional dependency for event counter use

Release V1.01 28.07.2009 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.01.zip
Completed AVR32 configuration and reset RTU state to idle after inter-character space error

Release V1.0 19.07.2009 http://www.uTasker.com/software/MODBUS/MODBUS_V1.0.zip
Initial release

Hi Mark! What is the password  for archives (modbus)? Thanks!


The MODBUS package is a commerical extension to the uTasker project (it will work with all processor packages) and is therefore generally restricted to commercial users.

In the case of educational and non-commerical research work the uTasker project is offered without any costs and, when a project of this category can make use of the MODBUS extension it can also made available, but on application.

If your project fulfills this requirement please send me short details directly via Email.




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