Author Topic: Problems importing Eclipse projects (eg. Codewarrior 10.x, KDS)  (Read 6571 times)

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Hi All

There have been a few cases reported of difficulties importing Eclipse based projects so I though it worth reporing a possible reason here that is a little surprising.

The uTasker project is distributed as a ZIP file and it has been found that some ZIP extraction programs (certainly ones of MACs, where his problem originated from) exract files beginning wih a '.' (do) as invisible files (somehing to do wih Unix I have heard) and so some Eclipse project files in the main directory (Eclipse names some of ist project files like this) can't be seen when trying to import the project (just doesn't recognise it as a project).

After extracting the project from the ZIP file using different tools (or not on a MAC) the files were visible and so the project could be imported as normal.

Just a "heads-up" in case something strange occurs like this ...