Author Topic: Tools that might be of interest to uTasker users  (Read 3589 times)

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Tools that might be of interest to uTasker users
« on: October 25, 2018, 11:57:16 AM »
Below is a list of windows based tools that might be of interest to uTasker users, these are tools that I have used before

Virtual Serial Ports
Source files
Signed drivers
Run the setupc.exe program then type
"install portname=com10 portname=com11" to create a virtual com port pair linked together

Below is the help text from setupc.exe

Setup for com0com

  [options] <command>

  --output <file>              - file for output, default is console
  • <to>               - wait <to> seconds for install completion. If

                                 <to> has '+' prefix then ask user to continue
                                 waiting after <to> seconds elapsing
                                 (by default <to> is 0 - no wait)
  --detail-prms                - show detailed parameters
  --silent                     - suppress dialogs if possible
  --no-update                  - do not update driver while install command
                                 execution (the other install command w/o this
                                 option expected later)
  --no-update-fnames           - do not update friendly names
  --show-fnames                - show friendly names activity

  install <n> <prmsA> <prmsB>  - install a pair of linked ports with
   or                            identifiers CNCA<n> and CNCB<n>
  install <prmsA> <prmsB>        (by default <n> is the first not used number),
                                 set their parameters to <prmsA> and <prmsB>
  install                      - can be used to update driver after execution
                                 of install commands with --no-update option
  remove <n>                   - remove a pair of linked ports with
                                 identifiers CNCA<n> and CNCB<n>
  disable all                  - disable all ports in current hardware profile
  enable all                   - enable all ports in current hardware profile
  change <portid> <prms>       - set parameters <prms> for port with
                                 identifier <portid>
  list                         - for each port show its identifier and
  preinstall                   - preinstall driver
  update                       - update driver
  reload                       - reload driver
  uninstall                    - uninstall all ports and the driver
  infclean                     - clean old INF files
  busynames <pattern>          - show names that already in use and match the
                                 <pattern> (wildcards: '*' and '?')
  updatefnames                 - update friendly names
  listfnames                   - for each bus and port show its identifier and
                                 friendly name
  quit                         - quit
  help                         - print this help

Syntax of port parameters string:
  -                       - use driver's defaults for all parameters
  *                       - use current settings for all parameters
  <par>=<val>[,...]       - set value <val> for each parameter <par>

  PortName=<portname>     - set port name to <portname>
                            (port identifier by default)
  EmuBR={yes|no}          - enable/disable baud rate emulation in the direction
                            to the paired port (disabled by default)
  EmuOverrun={yes|no}     - enable/disable buffer overrun (disabled by default)
  EmuNoise=<n>            - probability in range 0-0.99999999 of error per
                            character frame in the direction to the paired port
                            (0 by default)
  AddRTTO=<n>             - add <n> milliseconds to the total time-out period
                            for read operations (0 by default)
  AddRITO=<n>             - add <n> milliseconds to the maximum time allowed to
                            elapse between the arrival of two characters for
                            read operations (0 by default)
  PlugInMode={yes|no}     - enable/disable plug-in mode, the plug-in mode port
                            is hidden and can't be open if the paired port is
                            not open (disabled by default)
  ExclusiveMode={yes|no}  - enable/disable exclusive mode, the exclusive mode
                            port is hidden if it is open (disabled by default)
  HiddenMode={yes|no}     - enable/disable hidden mode, the hidden mode port is
                            hidden as it is possible for port enumerators
                            (disabled by default)
  AllDataBits={yes|no}    - enable/disable all data bits transfer disregard
                            data bits setting (disabled by default)
  cts=[!]<p>              - wire CTS pin to <p> (rrts by default)
  dsr=[!]<p>              - wire DSR pin to <p> (rdtr by default)
  dcd=[!]<p>              - wire DCD pin to <p> (rdtr by default)
  ri=[!]<p>               - wire RI pin to <p> (!on by default)

The possible values of <p> above can be rrts, lrts, rdtr, ldtr, rout1, lout1,
rout2, lout2 (remote/local RTS/DTR/OUT1/OUT2), ropen, lopen (logical ON if
remote/local port is open) or on (logical ON). The exclamation sign (!) can be
used to invert the value.

Special values:
  -                       - use driver's default value
  *                       - use current setting

If parameter 'PortName=COM#' is used then the Ports class installer will be
invoked to set the real port name. The Ports class installer selects the COM
port number and sets the real port name to COM<n>, where <n> is the selected
port number. Thereafter use parameter RealPortName=COM<n> to change the real
port name.

  install - -
  install 5 * *
  remove 0
  install PortName=COM2 PortName=COM4
  install PortName=COM5,EmuBR=yes,EmuOverrun=yes -
  change CNCA0 EmuBR=yes,EmuOverrun=yes
  change CNCA0 PortName=-
  busynames COM?*

File Comparison

Standalone DHCP server for windows

CURL windows file transfer
(Useful for downloading files to utasker projects)
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Re: Tools that might be of interest to uTasker users
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2018, 11:35:03 PM »
Thanks Martin

You have been an ambassador for use of COM0COM UART loop back simulation.
I just point people to your posts and they simply start working with it to do their projects.

What still surprises me after all these years is that various uses or it essentially simplify development and testing and accelerate projects on a regular basis, but it seems still the majority of firmware developers remain ignorant of the (vast) simulation advantages and still take longer than necessary to complete work (and cost their companies more time and money that would be necessary).



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Re: Tools that might be of interest to uTasker users
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2019, 06:26:46 PM »
Com0Com signed drivers for Windows10 can be downloaded here