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Latest Version
« on: January 01, 2022, 03:14:20 PM »
Hi Mark,
  Happy new year... And hope 2022 is good :)

  looking at the version of my ufat I see its:  11.07.2014 utFAT2.0   . Is this the latest version? If not how can I update this?

Best Regards

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Re: Latest Version
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2022, 09:15:21 PM »
Hi Neil

Happy New Year to you too!!

The present working version has these changes:

    11.07.2014 utFATV2.00
    05.08.2014 Correct long file rename end of directory save            {1}
    15.08.2014 Corrected =! to !=                                        {2}
    29.08.2014 Correct creating additional directory clusters            {3}
    03.09.2014 Remove fnCreateFile(), fnSetFileLocation() and fnInsertLFN_name() parameter {4}
    03.09.2014 Reset any deleted location markers when moving to next paragraph {5}
    06.10.2014 Correct brackets in fnExtractLongFileName()               {6} [utFATV2.01]
    30.11.2014 Add SPI_FLASH_FAT (run utFAT in external SPI based flash)
    03.12.2014 Don't display hidden files unless the HIDDEN_TYPE_LISTING flag is set and expert functions enabled {7}
    04.12.2014 Add FLASH_FAT (run utFAT in internal flash)
    11.12.2014 Add fnResetDirectories() for use when a disk is re-mounted and delete valid sector after re-formatting {8}
    13.12.2014 Ensure that the sector buffer is synchronised when writes are made using fnWriteSector() {9}
    22.01.2015 Add option to return a file's creation time and date in its file object {10}
    06.10.2015 Only when LFN is disabled: Corrected _utOpenDirectory() directory location returned when opening to write new files, plus reuse deleted directory space when possible {11}
    30.10.2015 Added emulated FAT support (FAT_EMULATION)                {12} [utFATV2.02]
    16.11.2015 Ensure that EMULATED_FAT_LUNS is available                {13}
    17.01.2016 Add utFileAttribute() - allows changing file attributes (not directories) {14}
    17.01.2016 Reset long file name counter when skipping hidden files   {15} [utFATV2.03]
    24.04.2017 Handle USB_MSD_REMOVED when memory stick is removed       {16}
    09.07.2017 Allow renaming a file to a different directory location   {17}
    14.07.2017 Avoid matching directories when not complete path handled {18} [utFAT2.04]
    18.12.2017 Allow emulated FAT to be used together with other disk types than SD card {19}
    02.03.2018 Added block read option                                   {20}
    11.03.2020 Added i.MX RT support
    12.03.2020 Allow FAT32 info sector use on all media                  {21}
    13.03.2020 Correct FAT16 cluster boundary detection                  {22}
    13.03.2020 Allow up to 64k clusters on all media                     {23}
    30.04.2020 Add option SUPPORT_SDCARD_V1 to allow V+ SD cards to be used
    01.07.2020 Remove DISK_NOT_PRESENT flag when mounting                {24}
    12.08.2020 Correct FAT size when SPI flash used with page size 256   {25}
    12.08.2020 Backup and rewrite physical sector content of SPI flash that have sector sizes of multiples of 512 bytes {26}
    20.08.2020 Allow directory creation when a real storage medium is used together with emulated FAT {27}
    28.01.2021 Initialise local data using uMemcpy() to avoid GCC optimisation problem with unaligned data {28}

Access to the working version is possible with a support subscription (extension) if you are using the project commercially.

Otherwise the open source version on GitHub at (for Kinetis and STM32) contains changes up to 2016, whereby the module is essentially HW-independent and so can be used with any processor.


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Re: Latest Version
« Reply #2 on: January 02, 2022, 02:10:45 PM »
Hi Mark,
  Many thanks  :)

Best Regrards