Author Topic: Flushing connected PC ARP table when just changing MAC but not IP of UTasker  (Read 12046 times)

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This may be a no brainer but it fooled me for a bit.

I was trying to change (via HTTP) the MAC address but leaving the default IP as it was.
 After pressing the save button i couldn't load the page again to validate the saved changes.

If I change both the MAC address and the IP at the same time i guess this is a new, very different entry in my PC's ARP table and i have no trouble reconnecting to validate the changes.

But to just change the MAC without changing the default IP, i had to flush my PC's ARP table at the command prompt:

netsh interface ip delete arpcache

(had to do this after "save changes" but before reloading the page to be able to press "modify")

I guess my PC gets muddled if it tries to add a second MAC for the one IP?

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Just try typing "arp -d" this will flush the ARP Cache too.

Yes the problem is that the PC has already allocated the MAC address to an IP so you do need to flush it.



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    • uTasker

Yes, this can catch people out, but it is very rare that one actually changes the MAC address.
See also step 10 in the uTasker tutorial: (page 4/24)
where this is also discussed.



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ouch. i guess the real lesson here is to read the bloody manual   :)