Author Topic: CodeWarrior error after enabling LCD  (Read 14729 times)

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CodeWarrior error after enabling LCD
« on: November 02, 2008, 04:23:06 AM »
I am new to the forum but I've been playing around with your uTasker on the Coldfire M52233DEMO and the NE64 board as well as the simulator for awhile now trying to grasp the code and such...

Regarding the NE64: I am using uTasker v1.3 SP1 and CW 4.7 to compile the basic project with no modifications.  It works fine (other than that CW memory error at 8000 described in another post - I just just used your NE64_Deb.exe to flash the binary bypassing the HIWAVE debugger.)

Anyhow, when I enable the #define LCD in config.h and remake I get the following errors:

Link Error   : L1822: Symbol fnLCD in file C:\Users\Bubba\Documents\CpE 480-481\Group\Project\uTaskerV1.3.0_NE64\Applications\uTaskerV1.3_MOD\CodeWarrior_NE64\uTaskerV1.3_Data\Monitor\ObjectCode\NE64.c.o is undefined.

Link Error   : Link failed

I deleted all the object code and remade but same error again.  Any ideas?

Mark, this is great software and support. I really like your product!  Thanks!!

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Re: CodeWarrior error after enabling LCD
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2008, 02:28:49 PM »

It is true that not all source files are entered in the NE64 CW project. I think that this had something to do with restrictions on the number of source files that CW special edition once imposed - resulting in only the main ones being included in the project. This restriction no loner exists in the newer CW versions.

If you activate LCD support you need to add the file LCD.c to the CW project. In the file explorer, click on the virtual folder "Sources". Then right click the mouse and "add file...". Select the file LCD.c in the folder \Applications\uTaskerV1.3 and add it.
After you rebuild it should then be OK.

I just checked and found that there are also some newer TCP/IP files not in the project. SMTP.c, NetBIOS.c and telnet.c, so I added them to my reference CW project.

Note that I just installed the latest special edition V4.7 since I haven't actually used the CW HCS12 project for a very long time...