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MODBUS extension package - welcome


Hi All

The uTasker MODBUS extension package has been introduced to the project with the uTasker version V1.4.

Its features can be summarised as follows:

•   Multiple serial master and slave interfaces (limited only by processor UART availability)
•   Multiple slaves at each UART interface (each with its own slave address, resources and application interface)
•   Routing of received messages to other MODBUS master interfaces based on function codes, access ranges or other decisions.
•   RS485 RTS control
•   Serial/serial bridge function

•   Multiple master and slave TCP ports
•   Each slave TCP port supports multiple sessions (multiple master connections)
•   Configurable idle connection timeout on each TCP port
•   Multiple slaves on each TCP port (each with its own slave address, resources and application interface)
•   Slave gateway operation to TCP or serial MODBUS masters
•   Slave routing operation to multiple TCP or serial masters via a single TCP port

•   Autonomous handling of commands and requests or with application intervention.
•   Coils and discrete elements can be optimally overlaid with registers (architecturally independent)
•   Simple generation of public MODBUS function data content, simplifying application interface.
•   Supports delayed slave responses while external data is accessed.

This package thus contains everything required for just about any MODBUS requirement in a single file, designed for flexibility, ease of use and efficiency. The software is compatible with most of the processors supported by the uTasker (see the MODBUS user's guide http://www.utasker.com/docs/MODBUS/uTasker_MODBUS.PDF for details about your particular processor).

This forum board is available for general MODBUS discussions as well as specific details to the uTasker MODBUS package.




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