Author Topic: asin function on LPC1768  (Read 11099 times)

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asin function on LPC1768
« on: August 01, 2010, 08:14:09 AM »

I am using LPC1768 for a motor control application. The motor will be
controlled with a series of pulses each of 2us wide.

I use a asin function to calculate the time between two pulses. (The
motor moves clock and anti-clock wise, hence a sin function is

when asin function is called, the code tends to break. ie it gets stuck
at hardware handler routine.

I believe the issue is with the use of asin function, although i am not
sure about it. I am using inbuilt asin in math.h

Can anyone kindly suggest me how to use a asin function on LPC1768. If
anyone can provide me a small code for how to use it on LPC1768 would be
of great help.

I have tried the code on rowley crossworks and on Keil. Both seem to
give the same error. But in simulator asin function is working fine.

Kindly suggest.