Author Topic: 52236/52258 Ethernet issues  (Read 2432 times)

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52236/52258 Ethernet issues
« on: January 13, 2011, 04:30:13 PM »
Hi Mark, we are aware of the auto negotiation problem with the old rev 5223x chips so we run 10/100 manual modes which work on all the devices we tested so far. We use 10/100 FULL DUPLEX RX_FLOW_CONTROL.
A customer has complained that with his switches he only connects in half duplex mode. I verified this with a 10/100 switch in house that has LED indicators for the speed/duplex. The switch indicates half duplex even though I initialize the Coldfire for 100 FULL DUPLEX RX_FLOW_CONTROL. When I read the proprietary PHY status register it  says  the device is operating at 100 FULL DUPLEX, as programmed. When we set the Coldfire to auto negotiation, it connected to that switch at 100 FULL DUPLEX according to the switch LED's. Has anyone noticed this ?

 I also starting testing a 52258 Ethernet connection and found that it only connects using auto-negotiation, even when programming for manual connect at various speed/duplexes. Fortunatley it works with all the switches we've tested so far, including the ones that didn't auto negotiate with the 52236.

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