Author Topic: uTaskerV1.4.3 AVR32 release with utFAT  (Read 5405 times)

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uTaskerV1.4.3 AVR32 release with utFAT
« on: January 04, 2010, 12:59:23 AM »
Hi All

I am very pleased to announce that the uTaskerV1.4.3 AVR32 release with utFAT is now available. Please watch the utFAT forum for technical details about the new SD-card support.

Here is an overview of the AVR32 V1.4 versions and the additions in the latest release.
-0 Original release on 29.7.2009
-1 11.10.2009:
-2 25.11.2009:
-3 New version 3.1.2010
- GNU make file includes uc3b compile and linker script options
- new GNU linker scripts for ucb3b parts
- random ID added to DNS to avoid problems with servers rejecting repeated IDs
- New permanent ARP entry option
- Optionally add HTTP plain text header information - define HTTP_HEADER_CONTENT_INFO
- optional USE_PARAMETER_AREA support (as simple alternative to USE_PARAMETER_BLOCK)
- utFAT V1.0 SD card support added (integrated in FTP, HTTP servers plus DOS-like interface)
Note that SDCARD_SUPPORT is enabled by default and GLCD is also enabled for operation with the EVK1105.

The new version is downloaded when you use the original project link and can be opened with the V1.4 password.
Intermediate versions are also available in case they are needed by adding -0 (for the original release), -1 for the second release, etc.

The new utFAT module's user's guide is still in progress (probably about 65% complete) but can already be accessed here:

I am very exited about the new capabilities that the utFAT adds to the project, opening up a variety of new opportunities. It is is fully integrated into the FTP and HTTP servers and has a comfortable DOS-like menu interface via UART, USB-CDC and/or TELNET. Take a look at the user's guide to learn more about it, and see how the simulator allows SD card operation together with the uTasker simulator!! If you have an SD card slot on your development board you can also immediately start using it as source for web pages or for logging data to.

Here's to a great start in the new year - all the best for 2010.


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