µTasker Licensing Terms

Licensing and Prices

The µTasker project and all code used in it is delivered as source code. It is completely FREE to educational establishments, individuals and other users or organisations who are not using it for commercial work. So if you wish to use it for educational purposes, for hobby or experimental work, or just want to see what it is all about then please do so. No one will charge you a Cent for it.

The project is also offered free of charge (in the spirit of "open source") to commercial users in a single project as long as no direct professional support is required [Complimentary commerical Kinetis users can still benefit from general support at the NXP Kinetis Microcontrollers forum]. If it works out well and saves your company lots of time and money it is hoped that complimentary commercial users will consider contributing back in the form of a licence fee for subsequent product use and also make use of the professional personal support included to make even faster progress.

Potential commercial users may use it for a 30 day trial period FREE of change and including personal professional support and can then decide whether it is what they have always been looking for or not.

For anyone holding their breath, waiting to see what commercial use wih personal professional support is going to cost, they can breath a sigh of relief because it will not be as painful as they might be fearing. A royalty-free license for a project costs $485, which entitles the licensee to the use of all supplied code and ideas in a product of his/her own, with no limitations on the quantity sold. This includes three months of personal email/telephone support and will normally pay for itself on the first day of use due to the saving in project set up time and removal of typical learning curves involved - not to mention the code base, fast response support nor the slashing of project development time that the µTasker simulator can make possible.

Please read the complete but simple µTasker terms and conditions below.

Full prices for commercial use with personal support are available on the Prices page and secure on-line payment is possible on the Payment page.

There are no strings attached and no risks involved. You receive the complete project by filling out the simple on-line application form...

To application form...

Important: Please note that we use the application information to help define the best package for your requirements and also as a reference when giving support. No information is made available to third parties or used for advertising, etc.

The µTasker has the following licensing possibilities:

A. Educational license for Processor type
B. Project licence for Processor type
C. Full license for Processor type
D. Complimentary commercial license for Processor type

1. Educational license
1-1 The µTasker educational licence is available on request for non-commercial use (educational or hobby).
1-2 The license is issued to either an educational establishment (school, college, university or similar) or to an individual.
1-3 In the case of an educational establishment, the number of internal workplaces is unrestricted BUT direct support is valid only via the main contact.
1-4 The project numbers and types is unrestricted as long as they all fulfill the requirements of 1-1.
1-5 Support is provided free per email for a period of 3 months, which can be extended by re-application.
1-6 An application for an educational license agreement is simple. We would simply like to know the applicant (address, contact details) and basic details of the project(s) involved. The application form is available here.
1-7 In return for the use of the µTasker environment and email support we would be grateful to hear of your successes using it and of any problems and improvement suggestions. Please also tell others about the µTasker and its advantages.
1-8 If a non-commercial project should turn commercial, a licence change to B, C or D will be due. In this case simply order the upgrade - we will be delighted to have been able to help make this possible.
1-9 In all other respects the licensing terms correspond to the General licensing agreement as detailed in section 5.

2. Project Licence
2-1 The µTasker can be licensed for use in a particular project. The number of workplaces is not relevant but further Project licenses will be due for further commercial projects using the µTasker.
2-2 The licence belongs to the project and should remain in the possession of the project members for exclusive use on the particular project. A project can often be identified as a piece of equipment but also a group of equipment which belong together.
2-3 An email/telephone support service of 3 months is included in the project license fee.
2-4 The purchaser of a µTasker Project license is entitled to additional Project licenses at any time either for the same processor type or other processor types at a discount of 50%.
2-5 The purchaser of a µTasker Project license is entitled to an upgrade to a Full license at any time for the particular processor type by paying the difference between the Project license and the Full license.

3. Full License
3-1 The full license entitles the purchaser to use the µTasker in any number of projects 'belonging' to the purchasing individual or the purchasing company.
3-2 Included is email/telephone support of 1 year
3-3 The purchaser of a µTasker Full license is entitled to additional Project or Full licenses for other processor types at any time at a discount of 50%.

4. Complimentary Commerial License
4-1 The complimentary license is automatically distributed to anyone downloading the µTasker after requesting the complimentary license option and entitles the user to use of all code and ideas in a single project/product.
4-2 Headers in the code should not be removed and be replaced by others claiming rights or intellectual property of the source.
4-3 Use of the code is in the spirit of "open source" and no personal email/telephone support is included. Kinetis users can however still benefit from general support at the NXP Kinetis Microcontrollers forum.

5. General terms (apply to all licensing agreements)
5-1 µTasker software and code is delivered "as is" which implies neither suitability for a certain application nor error free operation in all configurations or environments.
5-2 Reports of problems or bugs will be dealt with as support service.
5-3 A response time of maximum 24 hours to email support is attempted (but not guaranteed).
5-4 The licensee accepts that no claims for compensation may be made, for any reasons whatsoever, whether due to µTasker code, its environment and tools or use thereof.
5-5 All licensed users of the µTasker are entitled to patches due to bug corrections even after the end of agreed support periods.
5-6 The licenced user can use the software for any chosen use and can modify code for his/her own requirements. The original programmer's details and the copyright note may however not be removed.
5-7 No further royalties are requested for the use of the µTasker in production equipment as long as the user has paid for the appropriate license.
5-8 µTasker code and development tools MAY NOT be used in projects intended or authorised for use in anti-personnel landmines.
5-9 The downloading and/or use of components of the µTasker environment by the licensee constitues the acceptance of all terms of this license.

6. Additional license details - for development houses
6-1 If you purchase a full license you may use the µTasker for as many projects/products as you like. This is also OK if the products are not actually manufactured and sold by yourselves but by your customer.
6-2 The license however belongs to you - your customer is NOT registered by us and so also DOESN'T qualify for direct support from us (one year support is included in the full license for the licensee - which can be extended as and when required).
6-3 You MAY give your customer all source code for reference but you MUST inform the customer that the µTasker code is NOT his/her property and so may NOT be used by him/her in further projects/products without an appropriate project license in his/her name (of course if you [the design house] - as full license owner - develop further projects for this customer, this is fine since it is covered by the full license).

Version 1.5 2.06.2016 (Addition of Complimentary Commercial License)

If you should have question do not hesitate to contact us at
These terms are available as download, including an application for educational or evaluation license, at the following location. µTasker licensing text file.

We wish you success with the µTasker. Have fun!

µTasker Licensing Terms. Copyright (c) 2016 M.J.Butcher Consulting