µTasker Commercial Pricing

The µTasker supports specific network enabled processors and is free to use in educational, hobby and other non-commercial projects.

It may be used in commercial products once suitably licensed. It is royalty free and the license fee helps to cover its maintenance costs, support and its further development.

Development is user-driven and we welcome feedback and suggestions and will make efforts to respect all user requirements when adding new features or improving any aspect of its design and support.

To apply for an educational (non-commercial) license see the licensing terms and fill out the simple application form.

If you would like to evaluate the µTasker please also complete the application form, marking that it is for commerical use, and you are welcome to convince yourself of the advantages of the µTasker solution for a period of 30 days, including full email support. Should you decide it is not for you, then simply delete all sources received once the period expires. Once convinced, simply complete payment of the chosen project or full license. As licensee you will then be entitled to continued support and to use the µTasker code and resources in your commercial product.

µTasker Costs

We believe that the price for commercial projects is very attractive and it can usually pay for itself within the first day or so of use. We also want the µTasker to be used for as many different projects as possible since it not only helps verify its stability and suitability but also helps drive its further development, where the users are the driving force.

A project license costs $485 for a target processor, with discounts for further processors according to the general licensing terms.This includes 3 months of personal email support for your project.

A full license (not restricted to a particular product) costs $765 for a target processor, including 1 years personal email support for your project(s).
Support extensions cost $150 for 6 months and can be set up if and when required.

Convinced already? Then why not make a secure online payment?

µTasker Ports to further Environments

Note that we will consider free or low cost ports to other development environments and other development hardware. Simply contact us if you believe that support for your board or development environment would benefit your product or the µTasker user community. Simply send an email to


Support is not restricted to the µTasker software package since we also design hardware and are happy to give guidance to hardware design issues.

Our aim is to give users an interesting and complete solution for embedded Ethernet/Internet/USB applications, and more. This complete solution enables even an inexperienced user to very quickly complete the task of installing a development environment through building and debugging a project to flashing and testing a hardware target. We pride our personal support - if you ever have a problem then you will not feel left along since your problem is our problem and we are here to help wherever we can.

The package is rounded off by the unique µTasker simulator which enables most development and testing to be carried out in a comfortable PC environment and typically cuts development cycles quite dramatically. So the µTasker is not only a fairly priced, professional software package but a complete solution designed to get you up and running, your products up and working and your development time and costs lower that you thought possible.

Don't forget that we are very experienced users of the µTasker, as you would expect, and we also are experienced hardware and software developers. For this reason we often do part or complete projects for our customers based on the setup and use of the µTasker base, plus custom drivers and applications. Using the µTasker base and its simulator allows us to realise such developments faster and cheaper than typically expected. If you have such a project where such additional support through realisation is desirable simply contact us at the following email address: . We would love to discuss it with you!

µTasker Commercial pricing. Copyright (c) 2014 M.J.Butcher Consulting