Support for the µTasker Project and your own work

Good software and tools are of great importance, but even the best may prove to be useless if support is missing when most needed.

The µTasker project is build on its support. It is driven by users needs and dedicated to not just supplying great software but also ensuring that it meets with these ever changing needs. It is also dedicated to giving the right help to both new and experienced users in an uncomplicated and responsive manner.

The µTasker project is a project/product of the company M.J.Butcher Consulting, located in Switzerland. Further details concerning the company can be found at the web site of M.J.Butcher Consulting.

Demos and Documentation

The range of demo software and User Guides is constantly increasing to give step-by-step instructions up to detailed guides for many important themes.
To receive the µTasker project for non-commercial use, or for a 30 day commerical evaluation, simply fill out the simple application form.


The µTasker Forum is integrated in the µTasker web site and enables the community to search for specific topics or answers to their own questions or problems. The forum is open for use by all µTasker users and interested parties and is maintained intensively.

Preferential Email and Telephone Support, or Remote Decktop

Licensed users are entitled to personal Email support during the agreed support period (3 months for a project license and 1 year for a full license). During this time all attempts will be made to directly supply the necessary information or give help to solve any encountered difficulties. After the support period expires, the user can simply extend the period if desired by purchasing a support extension, costing typically $150 for an additional 3 month period. Commercial evaluators are also offered the preferential Email support during the 30 day trial free of charge in order to get to know the service and its advantages.

Telephone and Remote Debugging Support can be arranged on request at times convenient to you.

Service Packs

The µTasker project is continuously being developed to optimise performance and add more features to a range of processor packages. The project is an "as-is" project, meaning that when it is used at any point in time the decision to use it is based on its capabilities at that instant in time. As time advances it is logical that its capabilities also increase. In order to allow users to take advantages of new capabilities as they become available, V1.3 Service Pack updates were released as felt suitable. Commercial users with a valid support contact may download and freely use the contents of new service packs. Commercial users with no more valid support agreement are requested to purchase a support extension (see above) which then gives then rights to install and use the new features in their projects.
From the V1.4 project version service packs have been replaced by a set of sub-versions which are listed, together with release notes, in the forum. Please visit the forum and select the board with the processor in question to see its software version thread at the top of the board.

Development Services

We don't stop at supplying the µTasker project and tools, but can also help out with the development of extensions to the package which are required for a project. A missing peripheral will generally be added on request for no extra cost when a full license is purchased. Other extensions which are important for a project can be agreed on at a reduced contracting rate, as long as the resulting module can be fully integrated into the µTasker package. Furthermore, if you would prefer additional help developing software modules for a project or even a complete project, including hardware design and prototyping, do feel free to ask. We can generally offer faster and cheaper services than expected for embedded development work (our goal is to achieve 40% of expected timescales and costs with an increased quality of end result).

If reduced development costs, increased quality and faster time-to-market are important to you then just ask!

See also Professional Development Services


The original µTasker newsletters have generally been replaced by announcements in the µTasker forum and by Tweets. They can however still be accessed here. Registered users receive newsletters and ad-hoc news which may be of special interest to them via Email unless they express that the do not wish to take part in such mailings. The quantity of such mailings is usually not more that about 2 a year.


The original µTasker FAQs have generally been replaced by the µTasker forum and important guides have been integrated in to the user documents. They can however still be accessed here.

Technical Contact Addresses

Your specific technical queries can be addressed to one of the technical e-mail addresses.
Note that languages emails support are English, German and French. In the case of French please note that responses will generally be in English.

Contact to other µTasker users and advertising your own projects

Using the mail feature of the µTasker forum it is possible to directly send questions to other users. It is up to you whether you publicly display your own Email address and details such as web site together with your user name.

If you wish to offer your own software modules as commercial extensions to the µTasker project please contact us. Such modules are welcomed and can be advertised on the µTasker web site with no fees charged.

Free extensions can be offered and made available for download directly in the µTasker forum.

To add a link to your own web site or project based on the µTasker please contact us. Such links are welcomed and can be added to the µTasker web site with no fees charged.

Interruptions in Support Period

Please note that, although the project is supported intensively whenever possible, there are periods where this cannot be guaranteed. Such periods are mainly due to business holidays and training courses. These periods are advertised in advance whenever possible, so please use the following calendar to ensure that the known interruption periods do not clash with project phases where urgent support may be of critical nature.

21st..22nd October 2020 due to personal absence
8th December 2020 due to local religious holiday
25th.. 31stDecember 2020 due to Christmas vacation

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