Offer to new i.MX RT / Kinetis Users

When starting with a new processor or developing a new board with it there are many potential possibilities to make mistakes. These mistakes can lead to the need for subsequent modifications or expensive redesigns. The µTasker firmware has been developed and proven during a number of years on many Kinetis parts (and more recently in initial i.MX RT projects) and verified in a wide range of products. During this time much experience has been gained which allows fast identification of typical errors as well as a fundamental understanding of best practices.

In addition, it has been observed that initial board testing (possibly with many and varied peripherals - some being used for the first time by the developer) can be an intensive period where temporary firmware may be required to exercise each of the peripherals involved in order to be able to validate its operation before the HW design can be correctly verified to give confidence for a subsequent production release.

In exchange for a full license of the Kinetis or i.MX RT projects the following service is included at no extra charge*2:

  • Circuit diagram review with report of any identified errors, potential issues or recommendation for improvements*3
  • Customised firmware project which allows testing all interfaces of the HW (see list below*1)
  • Support during board testing in case of non-functionality

Note that even if the µTasker project is not planned to be used in the final product, the cost of a µTasker license will often prove to be much cheaper than building up such a framework using other methods. The project can be used as immediate framework for the final project in case it proves to be a better overall solution or at least serve as reference for solving any difficulties in the alternative library.

*1: Included peripherals (please ask for others):
  • Clock configuration
  • GPIOs inputs/outputs
  • UARTS (including LPUARTs)
  • FlexCAN
  • LCDs, GLCDs, TFT display (for parts supported in the µTasker project)
  • Ethernet including PHYs supported in the µTasker projects
  • PWM outputs
  • USB device (FS and HS) and/or (FS and HS) USB host
  • SPI (LPSPI) interfaces
  • I2C (LPI2C)interfaces
  • RTC
  • SD card (SPI or SDHC connections)
  • ADCs and DACs

*2 The right is reserved to refuse this service in case the hardware in question is of a nature of complication that requires unacceptable investment. The right is also reserved to withdraw this offer at any time (not affecting projects already agreed on).

*3 It is not possible to guarantee that all errors will be identified but the additional review will always reduce the risk of one getting through!


There are few Kinetis parts and peripherals that haven't been used intensively during the development and support of the µTasker Kinetis project. Whether your team needs to quickly start with a certain Kinetis part or have a jump start on a µTasker based product development, training can be offered for most topics involved with becoming familiar with the hardware, the tools, the peripherals, protocols or concepts that will be needed during the work.

If your project is important to you why not start with a Skype based remote desktop session with one of the industry's most experienced Kinetis firmware developers? Someone who has an estimated 5'000 hours of intimate Kinetis driver and product development experience and who has supported upwards of a hundred industrial product developments?

Quick introduction or intensive training is available at short notice to give your project team and subsequent product the best chances of starting and finishing on schedule and performing immaculately! Avoid the risk of reworks, spiraling costs and delays by ensuring that the tracks to success are already laid at the project outset...

The uTasker i.MX RT project has now also been in intensive development during over a year. Many peripherals in the i.MX RT are derived from those found in Kinetis parts which means that much of the available knowledge is transferable to the i.MX RT too.

The µTasker loader concept for the i.MX RT is hoped to become a standard solution for many i.MX RT products since it simply solves most of todays requirements for security, OTA and in-field programming, while keeping things very simple and efficient for develpers using it. The i.MX RT parts can be be complicated to understand and complicated to use and it is comforting to know that many of its complexities have been overcome and the knowledge won during the process is available to you immediately.

Product Development

µTasker helps its users get started by ensuring that there is a substantial and robust firmware framework ready at the outset. Unlike manufacturers' alternatives that give people various diverse examples to get something started the µTasker solution concentrates on getting product developments finished!

Product development is thus a main activity at the µTasker project. Here it is not only the project that is expanded and maintained but many industrial product developments are also performed; from HW design through to firmware development and even some manufacturing coordination. The experience and expertise available allows such developments to be remarkably efficient and schedules greatly reduced to those typically found in the industry. Once you have your next Kinetis- or i.MX RT-based product development planned and have your first offers from your local engineering company contact us - don't be surpised if we can halve its time and cost because this is what we do best; and on a regular basis!

Free 40 Minutes Consulting

Is your present project development costing more than expected (even when using free software as base) or are you battling with reliability issues or possibly stubborn problems that the best debugger is still not allowing you to get to the bottom of?

Then why not arrange a 40 minute free remote desktop session where the situation can be discussed or a problem even solved with the help of extra and highly experienced debugging eyes?

Use the contact address below to experience how having expert support when needed can make a big difference in reducing overall costs and time scale. The first 40 minutes is completely free and without obligation! Personal support in English, German or French.

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  • For technical support for the ATMELTM AT91SAM7X family -
  • For technical support for the ATMELTM AVR32 family -
  • For technical support for the NXPTM LPC2XXX and LPC17XX family -
  • For technical support for the Luminary MicroTM LM3Sxxxx family -
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