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Registration as Supported User of the µTasker project with Full Access to all latest Code Sources

1. Personal details

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1.3 The intended use:
Educational/Hobby (Completely free, with support on the µTasker forum - a forum account will be created for you and the login information sent to your email address)
Commercial (30 days free evaluation support, including professional support. After the evaluation period you can choose whether to license the project with extended support if it proves to be suitable for the product or products in hand)
Complimentary Commercial License (Rights to the use of all code and ideas in a single project/product. In the spirit of Open Source the use is free of charge but no personal support is available [Kinetis users can however still benefit from general support at the microcontroller manufacturer's forum - see the Links page for the address])

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4. Email address (The most important - please be very careful that the address is correct since we can otherwise not send a reply!)


5. Project details

5.1 Which processor type do you require?
Please select just one - if you require additional packages, simply send a separate request for each
5.2 Which hardware will you be using?
5.3 Which compiler and debugger will you be using?
5.4 Any other tools which you will be using (emulators, BDMs etc.):
5.5 A short description of planned projects or study classes which will aid in evaluating package suitability:

6. Where did you find out about the µTasker?

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  • Please complete the form correctly since obviously uncorrect or abusive submissions may not be responded to. Double-check your email address since it may be impossible to send the project when delivery fails!!

  • The request and its content are handled in strictest confidence and no details are made available to any third-parties.

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