Seeed Arch Mix

This development board from Seeed (including integrated debugger and available for around $30) is based on the MIMXRT1052DVL6A, which is the consumer version [0..95°C] of the 600MHz Cortex-M7 base part with double-precision VFPv5 FPU in LFBGA196. It has 512k of internal RAM, external memory interface, 1 10/100M Ethernet, Dual-high speed USB (with integrated PHY), 8 low power UARTs, 4 I2C controllers, 3 synchronous audio interfaces, 2 SD card interfaces, 2 CAN interfaces, 2 FlexSPI interface (connected to 8MByte QSPI flash), 2 ADC, LCD and touch controller, a True Random Number Generator, plus various other features.

The processor's budget price for 10'000 pieces is $3.13 (low quantity distributor price for 100 pieces under $6), potentially making it very attractive for low cost products requiring connectivity, HDI, high processing performance and audio.

A 24MHz crystal on the board allows for accurate generation of up to 500MHz processor and 480MHz USB clocks.

The µTasker target for the Arch Mix allows immediate use of the board for various functions with simple control of performance/consumption as well as the ability to switch operation between this and other i.MX board/processors and Kinetis parts. Accurate simulation of the device in VisualStudio combined with integrated µTasker application functionality ensures reliable, low footprint product development solutions with minimum effort, risk and investment.

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