This board from ELZET80 is based on the K60 and comes with a range of extension modules such as the 8 input/8 output I2C module shown in the simulation.

Full details and documentation for this board can be obtained from the the ELZET80 web site: Embedded control

To configure the µTasker project for this board simply enable the define NET_KBED in the project's config.h file. The compiler needs to be set to build for Cortex M4 (and not Cortex M0+) and the linker script K_512_128.ld should be selected [K_512_128_BM.ld for downloadable version] {the linker script extension may vary for different compilers, whereby *.ld is valid for GCC}

This board is supported in the uTaskerV1.4 project. Watch this page for binary files that will be added.

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