This board from EmCraft Systems adds 64MB LPDRAM, 128MB NAND Flash and an Ethernet PHY to a Kinetis K70 (120 or 150MHz) to form a system-on-module. It is capable of running uClinux and EmCraft Systems supplies such a software distribution.

For reasons of scalability the µTasker also includes support so that projects developed for smaller devices can be immediately upgraded to the larger K70 and make use of extended DRAM or NAND. Alternatively, developments based on the EmCraft K70F120M - or a part of its original functionaity - can also be immediately transfered to smaller Kinetis devices if the need occurs.

Full details and documentation for this board can be obtained from the EmCraft Systems web site: Kinetis K70 System-on Module

To configure the µTasker project for this board simply enable the define EMCRAFT_K70F120M in the project's config.h file. The compiler needs to be set to build for Cortex M4 (and not Cortex M0+) and the linker script K_1M_128.ld should be selected [K_1M_128_BM.ld for downloadable version] {the linker script extension may vary for different compilers, whereby *.ld is valid for GCC}

This board is supported in the uTaskerV1.4 project. Watch this page for binary files that will be added.

µTasker Kinetis support. Copyright (c) 2004..2018 M.J.Butcher Consulting